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    Default Can we have our domain name as alphanumeric?

    I'm looking for an domain name that has to be an alphanumeric. As, I'm opting for alphanumeric because the numeric is my lucky number. Is, there any domains of such type availble in the maket. If, so what is the price for such type of domain.

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    Yes you can choose an alphanumeric domain, the price depends upon the site you choose to buy domain name from...

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    Yes you can have a domain which is alpha numeric I've seen some domain which are alpha numeric.
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    yes you can choose alphanumeric....but the price depends on the site and domain....

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    pricing should be normal price if the domain name is not being sold by any person for premium rate. Usually it depends on the domian name you are trying to buy. Check if the domain name is available at regular price if not try different names and check if get lucky

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    Yes you can have a domain which is alphanumeric. But remember it should be easy to remember so you can do seo better.

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    definitely you can have......but you would find it difficult to remember....

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    Yes, you can have your domain name alphamuneric. Even you can see this kind of alphanumeric domain names availble in the market and even few urls' already existing in the market. : FIND YOUR NEXT WEBSITE FLIP AT WEB AUCTIONs DAILY

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    Yes you can certainly have alpha-numeric domains.. Just be careful of the invalid characters... ;-)

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    Invalid Characters ? YOu can never use ; ) in a domain name, however - and is accepted

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