View Full Version : Are framed redirects illegal or unethical?

08-09-2005, 12:20 PM
Just in case you don't know what a framed redirect is, it's when you have a site that links to another site but instead of just letting the the surfer go to the site you've linked to and possible lose him, you redirect him using a framed page on your own site. Most of the page displays the site you are linking to but there would be one little frame accross the top or bottom of the page (or on the side if you want) that would have a link back to your site.

And example I know of is Half.com, or at least they did this about 2 years ago. If you visit half.com and click on a link ot go to ebay, they use a framed redirect so that at the top of the page you'd always see the half.com logo and link back to half.com. (Ebay, of course, owns half.com).

I have heard that this is unethical (if you do not own the site you are linking to) and I have also heard that it is a legal issue and that some companies pursue it legally and have done so in the past.

Anyone know anything about it?

Even if you don't know what are your thoughts about having it done to your own site? I mean, someone using a framed redirect when linking to your site.
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