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08-09-2005, 12:40 PM
Cheap Hosts-Not always a good idea-Tutorial

Ive been browsing the forums alot recently and i would like to put forward the following tutorial that may help some new members!

Well first of all youve all heard the saying "if you pay peanuts you end up hiring monkeys" well thats sometimes the case with webhosting.

Whilst we all love so called "bargains" many members post saying they are looking for the cheapest possible hosting company but please be aware and i hope you could take my following points into consideration.

1."too good to be true" If you see a host advertising 20Gb of Space and 500Gb Bandwith for $4 a month you know theres a catch in most cases, Yes i put my hands up on say you can sometimes pick up "Genuine Bargains" but in alot of cases these sort of deals are not worth the trouble, for instance you may find a super cheap host, but take into consideration there uptime
Guarentee and other features such as Support Systems. Use your common sense

2. Also please do read your hosts terms of service many low cost hosts have you cornered in a 12month contract!

3.Its always a good idea too pay monthly rather then yearly so if the host has major problems or anything of the sort youll know you havent layed out too much money!

4.If your considering a reseller hosting plan make sure you go with a half decent company and make sure there server are located in good datacenters on good networks because you dont want to get on the bad side of your first few customers there your key to sucess!

5.Make sure you check wheather or not your host provides a control panel unless your a advanced user you will find it very difficult to manage your hosting account.

6.Make sure the host has a secure billing system before keying in your card details!

7.Be aware of hosts which come across with a very strong approach meaning things like they lower there price straight away and be sure to avoid "if you sign up now ill give you 50% off

Some tips on helping you find your ideal host
When you think youve found your host be sure to do the following checks before going with them.

1.First of all do make sure there site is compleated if you are ordering via there URL.

2.Dont host with comapnys who have a free Url Address (such as .tk .free domain) Believe me i have seen it advertised!

3.Seach for reviews on your "to be host" www.google.com is your best friend when doing this, or another good idea is too seach WHT using the search feature, if you find bad user feedback be sure to take it into consideration especially if you see lots of bad reviews.

4.I would certainly do a whos search on there domain name this can be done VIA www.whois.net type in your hosts domain name into the search box followed by the extension, when your get the details be sure to check the following details or certainly take them into consideration
-See if the domain is registered with a email address and avoid hosts whos email address is host@hotmail.com or johnsmith@hotmail.com
-See if the whois data looks "Geniune" for instace if the domain is registered to "John Smith" with a address of "20000000 White house road" you know is unlikely thats there real address!

5.If the host provides a phone number check and see if it works.

6.Send the host a random pre sales question and see what there responce time is like.

08-19-2005, 17:38 PM
Well in my opinion it really depends on how long the host has been around as well as previous customer feedback, I mean a good host doesn't always necessarily mean it's unreliable.

08-30-2005, 09:05 AM
Nice tutorial, good tips.

I would recommend http://www.webhostingtalk.com/ to know what hosts are good. Also http://www.lunarpages.com/ seems to be a reliable cheap web hosting company (at least for me).

02-01-2014, 07:42 AM
It was great information it will helpful to all thanks for sharing