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05-03-2008, 19:09 PM
Just wanted to post a quick review on VPSSell.com. This is a 100% horrible company to do business with. We originally chose them to help launch our new GlobalWebX free hosting service, which was supposed to have fully launched by now. They were a new company, but had good prices, and the owner (mdshah) seemed to be active on WHT and cared for his customers. I know what it's like having started several new hosting companies, and I knew that just because a company is new does not mean it is no good.

So, we signed up for a VPS from VPSSell.com. It took a couple of days to setup the server, but once it was up, it ran very well. I had a couple of setup questions for VPSSell.com, and they were very helpful in answering them. All went well, so we purchased a LayeredPanel license, and paid to have LP install it on the server. This took a couple of days, and then we spent some more time painstakingly putting finishing touches on the Website, server configuration, LP configuration, and forum.

On April 29th, I received a notice from VPSSell.com stating the following:

VPSSELL Network Maintenance Advisory - Wednesday, April 30th, 2008 -


VPSSELL Network Engineering will be performing maintenance in our

Philadelphia POP during the hours of 6AM and 10PM EST on Wednesday, April

30th, 2008. At this time, VPSSELL Network Engineering will be

performing a significant upgrade to our existing network infrastructure. This

upgrade will involve replacing our core switching equipment, with newer

Cisco™ equipment, and implementing a new network design---allowing for

easier upgrade, higher fault-tolerance,

and extra redundancy. This work is expected to minimally impact on our

client base, however, we like to advise ahead of time when working on

the core of our network. There may be momentary periods of higher than

normal latency while circuits are re-routed, BGP updated/reloaded, or

cabling switched, but there is no overall outage expected.

This maintenance is necessary in order for further growth of the

VPSSELL network, as well as to implement additional redundancy into the

network--including the turn-up of new fiber/transit in the Scranton

facility from XO™ Communications (shortly after this maintenance is


VPSSELL Technologies.

Fair enough. Sounds simple and straightforward. Unfortunately, in the mid-afternoon of April 29th, the server went completely down. I was alerted to this by an associate of mine, who was working on configuring the forum at the time. I told him about the maintenance alert, and assured him it should be back up by the next evening (I just assumed the maintenance had started early).

So, the next day, at 10 PM EST, late that evening, the site was still not back up. Figuring there may have been a few hitches in getting things running, I waited until the next morning (May 1). At this point, many other VPSSell.com users were posting on WHT and mentioning the same problem. None of their servers had come back up, and they (and I) were now very concerned. We contacted the user mdshah on WHT (again, he owns VPSSell.com, and appears to be the only employee) through private message, and heard nothing back. We (I and other VPSSell.com users) tried again and again to get in touch, and still nothing. Finally, on May 2nd, the user mdshah posted the following in a thread on WHT (but he did not reply to any of his customer's PMs!):

Someone abused the server & the server got suspended. The data center said that they had sent us abuse alerts but we never received it. When we asked for mail logs they replied that the mail were bounced & we never got alert & the server got suspended. We tried to convince them for 2 days but we couldn't get the server back. Finally, we have ordered for new servers & will setup all VPS accounts in 24 - 48 hrs.

We are not cheating any customers, you will get your services back. We greatly apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.

Some people has opened paypal disputes claiming SERVICE NOT RECEIVED. This is not good as we always tried to provide you our Best services but someone did mess with our business.


Am I incorrect in seeing a problem where the manager/owner of a service has his service go completely down and does not reply to his own customers (many of whom - like me - are paying $50.95 per month for service!) for 3 days??? The server has been down for over 4 days now, and still no promise of a refund. mdshah is also pretty much refusing to cancel anyone's account. I have threatened to sue (and will follow through with this, to recover the $50.95 as well as other damages related to no access to the server, and to cover court costs).

Basically, I can say that VPSSell.com is a scam - and I really recommend you stay away from them. From now on, I will go with trusted companies - who care about their customers.

Another tidbit: http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showpost.php?p=5089950&postcount=5 - over 9 hours of downtime in late April.

05-18-2008, 20:13 PM
Thanks for the warning, I'll make sure to not ever use them.

05-18-2008, 21:57 PM
i think that in the field of vps and dediservs and in order to get reliable services
someone has to choose wellbranded ancient companies trusted by many customers this way he can avoid scams

by the way thank you for the warning

06-25-2014, 01:29 AM
Thanks for sharing it will help for every one to warm before thinking to take plan