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08-10-2005, 07:45 AM
Some Simple But Useful Snippets

This is just a small list of coding snippets, which can be used within HTML/PHP Documents.

There not the most exciting or magical snippets but there useful and can make a hell of a lot easier!

PHP Snippets

- Emails and Mail

Simple Mail

mail($to, $subject, $message, $headers);

Validate Email Address

function validate_email($str){
$str = strtolower($str);
if(ereg("^([^[:space:]]+)@(.+). (ad|ae|af|ag|ai|al|am|an|ao|aq|ar|arpa|as|at|au|aw |az|ba|bb|bd|be|bf|bg|bh|bi|bj|bm|bn|bo|br|bs|bt|b v|bw|by|bz|ca|cc|cd|cf|cg|ch|ci|ck|cl|cm|cn|co|com
|cr|cu|cv|cx|cy|cz|de|dj|dk|dm|do|dz|ec|edu|ee|eg| eh|er|es|et|fi|fj|fk|fm|fo|fr|fx|ga|gb|gov|gd|ge|g f|gh|gi|gl|gm|gn|gp|gq|gr|gs|gt|gu|gw|gy|hk|hm|hn|
hr|ht|hu|id|ie|il|in|int|io|iq|ir|is|it|jm|jo|jp|k e|kg|kh|ki|km|kn|kp|kr|kw|ky|kz|la|lb|lc|li|lk|lr| ls|lt|lu|lv|ly|ma|mc|md|mg|mh|mil|mk|ml|mm|mn|mo|m
p|mq|mr|ms|mt|mu|mv|mw|mx|my|mz|na|nato|nc|ne|net| nf|ng|ni|nl|no|np|nr|nu|nz|om|org|pa|pe|pf|pg|ph|p k|pl|pm|pn|pr|pt|pw|py|qa|re|ro|ru|rw|sa|sb|sc|sd|
se|sg|sh|si|sj|sk|sl|sm|sn|so|sr|st|sv|sy|sz|tc|td |tf|tg|th|tj|tk|tm|tn|to|tp|tr|tt|tv|tw|tz|ua|ug|u k|um|us|uy|uz|va|vc|ve|vg|vi|vn|vu|wf|ws|ye|yt|yu|
return 1;
} else {
return 0;

- Date and Time

Simple Unix Timestamp Conversation

$date_format = date('G:i d-m-Y', $unix_time);

Will output :

21:28 27-07-2005

Server Time

$date_time = date('l M d, Y @ g:i A');
echo ($date_time);

Localtime not Servertime

$fulllocaldatetime= date("d-m-Y h:i:s A", $new_U);

- Passwords and Encryption

128BIT MD5 Encryption

function AuthenticMd5($username, $password)
$one = $username;$two = $password;$thr = $one . $two;$fou = $thr . $one;$fiv = $fou . $one;
$six = $thr . $thr;$sev = $one . $two . $thr . $one;
$md1 = md5( $sev . $two . md5($one . $fiv . md5($sev . strrev( $sev))));
$md2 = md5( $md1 . md5( $one . $thr . $fou . md5( $sev . $md1)));
$md3 = md5( $md2 . md5($md1));
$md4 = md5( $md3 . $md1 . $md2 . md5($sev));
return $md2 . $md1. $md4 . md5($md3 . $md2);

32BIT MD5 Encryption

$epass = md5($password);

HTPassword Generator

function htpasswd($pass)
$pass = crypt(trim($pass),base64_encode(CRYPT_STD_DES));
return $pass;

Base64 Encryption

$epass = base64_encode($password);

Base64 Decryption

$password = base64_decode($epass);

Let me know if anyone finds these useful and / or you want me to write some more out

As its a bit pointless me writing them out and spending time if know one will look at them

08-31-2005, 16:33 PM
i might use the local time snippet on my site, just so that my site is more useful, why not make a site with all the snippets that you've got and all of your other codes?