View Full Version : redesigning pr2 herbal / natural products site

05-27-2008, 10:50 AM

i'm looking to redesign my PR2 website, currently in HTML, css only.
want to make web 2 kind of, with div css and all,
url is www.divineremedies.com

please suggest how to proceed there are several pages (over 200+), so i'm pretty confused in moding whole design.
i'm pretty happy with the seo getting hundreds of visitors daily, but conversion of visitors to customers are very very less.

need suggestion plz...

thanks in advance

06-02-2008, 15:34 PM
It totally depends how your site is set up. Is your current set up dynamically generated, meaning does each page grab content from a database? You may be in for a long redo, if not. Regardless of the condition, you should start off right this round and create a template. Then it is just a matter of changing a few pages/parts to change the entire site. I would first get rid of the W3C link at the bottom, it really has no value for your site, and you site is not remotely close to passing the validation.