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08-03-2008, 03:12 AM
Hey guys, photoshop is the only tool i use when we are talking about web page design, what other tools are needed? What do you recommand?

08-03-2008, 04:44 AM
I use Adobe Fireworks for web design personally. I tend to use Photoshop and/or Illustrator a lot too but, for actual web design I use Fireworks. Other than that I let the professionals do the designing so I don't use any other software personally.

08-30-2008, 12:16 PM
photoshop is an excellent software every made.. photo editing is possible at the best..
awesome... even porfessional use it.. it has a easy environment.. user friendly...

09-03-2008, 13:49 PM
hi mate..actual web page design needs html or php....which are the programing languages

09-06-2008, 12:00 PM
me too!!1 photoshop is cool with lots of plugins above all it has loads of tutorials for users

09-12-2008, 22:28 PM
Well for coding I use NVU but for graphics (which im no good at) I do use photoshop cs2 and imageready cs2
My headers still look childish in my opinion so I usually hire someone to do it..

09-13-2008, 10:41 AM
Photoshop is graphics part only. But PHP, HTML coding is also the essential part. What do you use for programming? Or are you using wordpress or joomla?

09-13-2008, 11:07 AM
hi mate... do u have hear about tool brush in adobe photoshop... it's make ur foto looking good...

09-13-2008, 16:00 PM
ya. Photoshop may work cool with the image editing case. but Illustrator has no match with whole lots of drawing tools. both are extremely user friendly with loads of tools readily available.

10-09-2008, 23:30 PM
I only use PhotoShop. It's by far the best for web design, and I can create some really nice stuff with it. I've been designing with PS for about 6 years and I'm getting pretty good at it, and improving every day. :p

10-10-2008, 19:13 PM
I'd say Adobe Photoshop has to be the best art authoring program I have ever used.

There are also free utilities that will generate flash text graphics for you with little to no design.

10-10-2008, 19:15 PM
I personally use photoshop for designing, and dreamweaver for coding. Easy peacy.

10-10-2008, 19:31 PM
yeah as mentioned before photoshop is the best especially for web design etc. in my opinion its a little hard to use but you will get used to it

10-11-2008, 23:51 PM
Photoshop is best..but its paid software. There are many free alternatives of photoshop also.


Paint .NET

Fre more are mentioned here:

10-25-2008, 13:54 PM
Photoshop is definately better if you want to do some complex image editing, but it's hardly worth the price if you are just a regular user.

Sir Rusty
10-26-2008, 01:28 AM
Photoshop, Fireworks, and Dreamweaver or Notepad is needed I say to make a web design ^_^! I dont think Illustrator is really needed though.

10-31-2008, 20:39 PM
I use frontpage on all my websites. I have 45 website and frontpage makes it easy for me to build and maintain my websites.

11-02-2008, 11:58 AM
well, photoshop helps you to edit graphics... & mind you, its darn good at that. however, u need some knowledge of html (php is a plus) which is quite essential.
i used microsoft frontpage earlier but microsoft has stopped its development now!!

12-17-2008, 08:37 AM
I think that photoshop is the best that you can use or you can have, there is no others software for anything related to photos.

12-28-2008, 06:06 AM
well you cann't use mspaint for this...adobe photoshop is the best solution of this as it comprises many features and tools...so the layout would be better if we make it more creative and good looking....

12-31-2008, 02:51 AM
i think phtoshop is easier to learn and use,
i just started learning it and i feel its really coool,
not complicated like Paint Shop Pro Photo X2,

01-11-2009, 10:43 AM
Photoshop it's easy to learn, you only have to dedicate it some time and read several tutorials. There are interesting books too. I haven't used Paint Shop Pro though, but I think Photoshop is a lot better.