View Full Version : Virtouzzo Friendly Facts

11-07-2008, 09:33 AM
Figured I would start a thread with some formulas and other things that will help people figure things out on their VPS's based on virtouzzo


Guaranteed memory = barrier of vmguarpages / 1024 * 4
Burstable memory = privvmpages / 1024 x 4
Current Memory Usage= physpages held value /1024 * 4
Current Usage (RAM + SWAP)= oomguarpages held value /1024 * 4

Disk Inodes = Number of total disk inodes. Essentially this is a total number of files and directories which can be created.

Disk Space = Total size of disk space

Numproc = Number of Processes a vps can run

Numpitent = Number of firewall rules the vps may contain

I will add more as time goes on these are just alot of simple things most people are unaware of and thought might be helpful to the community