View Full Version : Frame height problem

04-22-2009, 22:50 PM
Hey all,

I've got a frame on my site, which is a simple box, made for a poll. Once the user has voted, it loads a new page with the results in the frame. A lot of people told me I shouldn't use frames because they're bad, but atm I don't care, it's good like that, and I want to use it !

The only problem is the height. I can set the height so it's not too small or too big, but the problem is that the height is not relative. That means if I remove "height: xxxpx;" from the CSS stylesheet, it automatically sets the frame at 50 px or so but that's too small, so the scrollbars appear and you have to scroll in the frame. And that's weird. Any idea how I could change that ? Do you see what I mean ? Cause I will change the question of the poll quite often and then I would have to change the height in the stylesheet everytime, that's crap

Thanks in advance,