View Full Version : background-image transparency

05-17-2009, 23:44 PM
Im having some trouble with some background-images backgrounds not being transparent when used as background-image in css! The images have been formatted okay and theyre backgrounds are transparent when the images aren't used as background-images. Is there a work around to get the images to display as intended as background-images?

Thanks in advance

Keoni Maleko
07-10-2009, 01:43 AM
Open the InDesign Transparency Palette. In InDesign CS3 this is now called the Effects Palette. Select the background image and give it an opacity of about 25% (or whatever you're happy with). Once you've finished with the Indesign Transparency Palette, close it down and lock the layer containing the image by clicking on the little check box in the Indesign Layers Palette.