View Full Version : Getting better ROI

04-26-2011, 16:30 PM
My return on investment is what I want to finish the improvement. Pay-per-click advertising is very powerful in terms of power sometimes attract a huge traffic and are aware of its power. New niche affiliate program can help a lot of money. It can be very expensive to provide for appropriate keywords. I am currently working on developing a website linked to my needs. I have to stay focused and not go too far. In your opinion, what should I do to get better returns?

04-29-2011, 06:36 AM
Better ROI depends on the conversion rate. If you get enough visitors for your website you'll get better conversion rate. To attract visitors you need to select web-promotion strategies that's suits best for you. You can target visitors through advertising campaign such as PPC , or in organic way such as search engine optimization. But what ever the method you select, you must continue promoting your website through various procedure. You can take help of video optimization. In the organic way visitors come from three direction. 1) From search engine, 2) from referring sites 3) Directly. You have to try every possible effort to attract visitors for better conversion rate.
If you conversion rate gets high, you'll get better ROI.