View Full Version : Does somebody have an outlook on the nature of the Splash page?

04-26-2011, 17:45 PM
In relation to splash pages, I hope to have a dialogue. A splash page has been put into action by one of my customers. The SEO labors will dig up a batch of help with the splash page is what my customer reflect. It can have unsuccessful penalty as I think that it is a variety of cloak tactic. As it is illegitimate and disreputable, people be supposed to put off cloaking. What I donít wish for is for her website to get prohibited or fined and that is where I could do with to get a number of help. My customer needs to get free of the splash page as almost immediately as likely, how do I induce my customer for this?

04-26-2011, 22:11 PM
The splash page would be really important for that, and but i DON't know exactly about the usage of the spash page and what is it meaning and whetherthat would do help to the search engine optimization.