View Full Version : Keeping Your Website Updated And Fresh

05-19-2011, 23:31 PM
Whether you are designing a new site or looking at giving your website a makeover, here are a few pointers on how to keep your website looking fresh.

1. Always have an attractive title. The title of your website represents what it's about. Make sure it is memorable, to the point and catchy.

2. Make sure that you clearly define your business objectives on the website. In addition to the typical 'About Us' page that talks about what the business does, talk about what the business wants to do, the goals it intends to reach etc.

3. Integrate programs that help you measure the success of your website. You can employ trackers that allow you to analyze internet leads and inquiries generated through the website.

4. Simplicity is always in vogue. Keep your website as user friendly as possible. If the browsing experience is complicated, users may hesitate to revisit your website. While browsing, one mustn't need to click through hundreds of links to get to the piece of information users are looking for.

5. Make your company stand out. Most website developers forget to include the basics on their website. Talk about your company, and how it's different from your competitors. Make sure you eliminate all jargon's and present the content in a clutter-free manner.

6. Engage users on the website through interactive features such as videos and testimonials. If your product type permits, use humor to connect with users.

7. Get innovative about promoting and advertising your product. Spend a little money to tell everyone you are there. Make sure the link to your website is placed at as many relevant pages as possible. Integrate your promotions strategy with a social media strategy. Make good use of platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to promote your website and drive traffic towards it. Provide social media connecting options to users on your website. Entice more users to follow you on twitter, or 'like' your Facebook page enabling you to open a regular dialogue with them.