View Full Version : 3 Effortless Tips To Create a Website That Sells

05-20-2011, 00:54 AM
Your website is the be-all and end-all. It virtually represents you. In Internet marketing, you don't interact with people face to face. They know you by your website. Therefore, they judge you by your website appearance.

Will people do business with you if your website is ugly-looking and unprofessional?

Imagine you have an offline business. If your salesperson is wearing shorts, will you allow him to deal with your customers? Of course not. Professional clothes convey trust and quality. If your staff is wearing casual clothes, you are literally shouting to your customers that you don't care about quality! The same happens online with your website. If it is not professionally designed, your visitors won't trust you even if you have great information.

Remember that people don't trust free information even if it is great. We value the things we pay for and not the things we get for free. When visitors find free information on your website, they won't trust it that much. But if you have a good design, that will help you convince them that your content is valuable.

Here are some tips that will help you create a decent website:

1. Avoid using splash Pages

2. Clear navigation

3. No Background Music

If you want to build a website and sell a product, you need to convey trust and credibility. You'll never do that if your website isn't professional.