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05-20-2011, 04:10 AM
It is important for a website designer to remember that adhering to basic laid down rules and sticking to required features will produce end results that are superior. This will allow for the creation of web sites that are visually appealing with features of better functionality. The website designer must remember to design web pages that are useful and aesthetically correct to ensure regular traffic. This is important because visitors will stay on your site only if the design is visually appealing as well as comfortable to use.

The most important factor that determines the quality of your website is its layout that plays an important role in this regard, therefore choose it well. Remember to place the different elements, heavy and light, correctly to ensure an alluring layout of the website. The characteristic feature of a good website design company is to offer guidelines and advice about the format and the placement of the heavy and light elements. Placement can be in the grid system or in the space at the centre depending on applicability.

Out of the six types of website design layouts available, a combination of three or more than three designs results in the perfect layout for the website. The different types of layouts are as follows:

1) Isolative layout

2) Symmetrical layout

3) Asymmetrical layout

4) Radiative layout

5) Dominative layout

6) Repetition layout

07-12-2011, 01:04 AM
Hai Can you tell me which is the best option for E-commerce web site designing, Usually I prefer Symmetrical layout