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07-21-2011, 02:47 AM
The most important marketing tool for your online store is the look of the website itself; make sure that it is well-designed with great products, is search engine optimised, has easy to use shopping carts and check-out procedures, and offers a choice of payment providers.

An online store that is refreshed regularly with new copy, and offers products at competitive prices, will develop a loyal customer base that grows through online reviews and word of mouth.

Assuming that marketing your online store is crucial for your business then you need to insert your website address on every item of stationery and at the base of every email you send. If you own a vehicle that you use for business, then place your email address on the rear and doors and you should also register your website address with online directories including YellowPages.com.

Being found by search engines on the internet is the desire of every website owner in the world but where a website is ranked can really make or break an online store. How your website is designed and constructed is crucial as is the copy content which should be search engine optimised with carefully researched key words.

Making money on the internet is the new gold rush but if you want to open a gold mine rather than pan for nuggets there are some techniques you should employ to get visitors to your online store. Email is still one of the most potent ways of communicating with your customers so building up an email database is . If you can get visitors to your online store to register their email addresses, from that moment on you can inform them of new products and sell directly to them.

Another key route is to get featured on various organizations' newsletters such as those emailed out by website designers. If you can write an article about an interesting topic to do with business, the newsletter will include your article and in return will feature your website address. There are also websites such as EzineArticles where original articles can be uploaded and where you can write a brief description about your online store and include your website address.

Advertising is another key ingredient when it comes to marketing your online store and every search engine such as Google features pay-per-click links. Setting up affiliates is also another form of pay-per-click.