View Full Version : 3 Important Ingredients of a High Performance Ecommerce Website Design

07-21-2011, 04:43 AM
There are some ecommerce websites that are very successful while there are others that don't work at all. The reason is that the former have got their ingredients right, while the latter do not have the correct mix of various elements that ensure successful ecommerce website design.

Here are 3 crucial ingredients, without which the ecommerce website will surely fail.

Clarity of Purpose

The design should be such that it needs to say what the website is all about without confusing any of the visitors. When a website visitor accesses an ecommerce site, there are certain things that must be evident immediately. Aspects such as what the website is trying to sell, why choose the products and services and how to go about buying these products should clearly come across. The purpose of the website must be clear and there should be no doubts in the minds of the website visitors.

Highly efficient shopping cart

While developing the website, importance must be given to the shopping cycle. The shopping cycle used for the ecommerce website must be quick, convenient and easy to understand. Therefore, it's important that the ecommerce shopping cart design has been chosen with care and in line with the needs and requirements of your website. If the process of shopping for the products and services on your site is simple, you are ensuring repeat visits from your customers.

You must ensure a highly satisfying shopping experience for your website visitors. This won't be possible if you choose an ineffective ecommerce shopping cart design.

Seamless Navigation

People shop online because they want to save on all the time and effort taken that is a part of traditional shopping. Your ecommerce website development must be such that it ensures that customers spend as little time on your website as possible, which means they should be able to shop on your site quickly. One of the important aspects contributing towards fast shopping is easy and seamless navigation. If the navigation buttons are simplicity itself and are clearly labeled, visitors don't spend time trying to understand which navigation button is going to take them to a certain page.

These are 3 main ingredients that ensure a very successful and immensely profitable ecommerce website design. But, by no means are these ingredients the be all and end all of a great ecommerce website. There is absolutely no doubt that if you can get these aspects right, you will have an effective ecommerce website on your hands.