View Full Version : Pointers To Making Dating Website With Flash

08-25-2011, 06:43 AM
Hi Everybody,
The trends in web design keep changing over the years yet there are some feature rich and versatile apps that remain in favor with the web designers. Throughout the last decade, Adobe Flash has remained a favorite with web developers. This versatile and powerful app is ideal for developing dynamic and interactive websites. Even though newer technologies have appeared, its supremacy in the industry remains unchallenged. However, like anything in technology, using Flash has its shares of caveats.

Flash design can do wonders for a website as long as the designers do not go overboard with visuals and creativity. The usability and requirements of the users need to be kept in mind. When it comes to designing a dating website with Flash the web designers need to be really careful.

A dating website offers the web users a virtual platform for finding likeminded people belonging to the opposite or same gender and interacting with them freely. Therefore, the web designers using Flash in such a website would have to think of the design carefully.

The homepage of a website should have an inviting feel about it and it should not be overloaded with animations and complex graphics. A cluttered look in the homepage of a dating site can repel the first time visitors. It might have Flash elements but the developers should refrain from overusing Flash.

The web developers resorting to flash intro design in a dating website should think or providing an alternative. There is no denying that an animated intro made with Flash does give the page an interesting and pleasant look. The cupid themed animations fit the bill really well. However, such elements may not be interesting for the frequent visitors. They might find watching the same animation over and again annoying. Therefore, a skip option should be provided for them. The same can be said about the visitors who are still using slower internet connections.

Color plays a very important role in a dating website and the developers using Flash in such a website need to remember that. The colors used in Flash animation and visuals in a dating website should gel with the theme of the site. Colors like red, pink and white usually go very well with such sites. Subtle gradients using these colors can also be used. It would also be an interesting idea to include love centric Flash games and puzzles in the dating website.

A lot of people access the web using their tablets and phones these days. They can visit dating websites too. The fact that a large number of phones lack support for Flash needs to be considered by the web developers. They can either develop mobile specific versions of the dating sites or use Flash alternatives for the mobile web users.

The web developers opting for Flash design in a dating website should not overlook the security aspect. The hackers can exploit the security loopholes in Flash for hacking these sites. Since this kind of websites deal with personal information of the users, safety should be given high priority.