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05-28-2005, 09:27 AM

Well for about three months, I used the godaddys Deluxe Plan (https://www.godaddy.com/gdshop/hosting/shared.asp?se=%2B&ci=146). You get 2 gig of space, and 100 gig of bandwidth per month for $10.00. Now first, I just have to say that these days, that is actually quite expensive. I can get a reseller plan with 5x that much space and bandwith for $30 with quite a few hosts. However, I felt that the extra cash that they charge was well deserved. Here is why:

Uptime: ***** 5/5 Stars

During my three months of using their hosting, not once did my site ever go down. I have a script that checks every 2 minutes to see if the site is up, and as far as I know, it never reported my site being offline. Great Job there Godaddy!

Price: ** 2/5 Stars

Godaddy has become one of the more expensive hosters, during this day and age. At one point when they were starting out still wet behind the ears, they had great hosting plans. Very inexpensive, but you get your bang for your buck. Now that they are one of the most popular domain registrars (Sp?), they can sadly raise their prices without consequence.

Cpanel/Features: **** 4/5 Stars

The features that you get with your account are nothing special, yet I have had a problem with any of them. When I first purchased the package, they offered cpanel with that hosting plan, but now I am not sure if they still do. I went with the linux package, I would recommend you do the same. That is, unless you need ASP.

Server Speed: ***** 5/5 Stars

The server speed is what you would expect from a large hosting company, fast and reliable. Not much more to say there.

Support: ***** 5/5 Stars

I had a few problems setting up my server settings and such, and support was extremely helpful. I got an answer via email within 3 hours for all of my questions. Kudos for godaddy!

Overall: **** 4/5 Stars

Overall I would recommend Godaddy if you:

A) Have lots of money to spare, and don't care about price.

B) Need the website for a business, therefore require 100% uptime, fast servers, and excellent customer support.

I would not recommend godaddy if you:

A) Are buying the site for something personal, and it will not recieve that many hits a day.

Hope this review was helpful! :)

Edit: After re-reading this, I realized the over-use of commas. I'm, sorry, I just, woke, up. :p

10-14-2007, 21:31 PM
Nice review,this will help that people who want some information about Godaddy.com,I think godaddy domain service are better then their hosting service.

10-14-2007, 23:27 PM
Goddady is great for ritchies wich can spend lots of money in it. Great review .

10-15-2007, 20:37 PM
Godaddy is one of the more famous hosts, I think thats why they charge more than the newguys!

10-16-2007, 08:42 AM
Godaddy is more expansve tha normal hosting but you can sure to have a great hosting provider...It's important!


03-14-2014, 03:03 AM
It was nice review thanks for sharing with us it will help to all while choosing this hosting provider