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05-14-2012, 06:35 AM
Hi Everyone,
The webmaster's major job is to improve traffic flow and keep customers and visitors returning. Creating the site is one task, but simply developing and deploying a website does not guarantee traffic. In fact, a website could be good-looking and filled with all the newest technology and yet not draw a single visitor if it is not marketed correctly. Following are 10 tips to lead you to success with your site :

1. Consider the Internet as a New Medium

2. Bear in Mind, Time is Precious

3. Plan the Website for Your Visitors

4. Engage the Visitor

5. Keep it Up to Date

6. Be Careful About Form and Design

7. Endorse Between Visits

8. Modernize Your Website to the External World

9. Don't Let Them Leave too Hastily

10. Track Your Visitors