View Full Version : [e107] Ads

07-18-2005, 17:37 PM
Pretty sure most people know this one, or its been covered somewhere, but for people that dont, this is the easiest way to setup ad's on e107; which seems to be the easiest of all CMS'.

After installing e107 (Which is availble via Script Library in cPanel), log in as the admin, and go into the administrators area.

Create a new PHP file, and in it put the code for the ad (see here for ad's), with a text editor or dreamweaver, or your fav editor, etc.

Save the PHP file (eg: e107corpad.php) and upload it into:
/<board dir>/e107_images/banners

Now from the AdminCP go in to Banners, delete the existing banner, create a new one, for "Campaign" just put "x10hosting", and "Client" again "x10hosting", you will not need to set a log-in or anything else,

Below those two fields, you'll see "Banner Image", Click the button "Choose Banner Image" and select the radio button for "code: e107corpad.php"

Now every page will have the complete ad code on every page. Make sure you delete the other ad, otherwise it will automatically rotate the two. And set it to be active!

And thats probly the easiest and fastest way to set-up ad's on anyone site.