View Full Version : VPS or Dedicated server?

12-24-2007, 03:32 AM
What is the difference between vps and dedicated server?
I think you can do anything with vps.If you don't need too much resources, you should choose vps.right?

12-24-2007, 18:59 PM
The big difference is generally the bandwidth and you get to use all of the dedicated servers processor, RAM, etc. If you have a project that is very resource intensive, a dedicated server might be a better idea. Other than that, there isn't much difference. Dedicated servers are more for the people who are comfortable in doing their own server maintenance, where VPS is usually managed. Dedicated has complete freedom to put on it whatever you want, where VPS still has some degree of rules as to what is allowed in order not to take down the others on the virtual server.

12-25-2007, 17:08 PM
When it comes to VPS vs. dedi my choice is the dedi. However before you go spending all of your cash on something like this, be sure that you would not be alright with a reseller or a large shared account. People seem to sink money into things that they dont really need like VPS and dedicated servers.

John Allen
12-26-2007, 04:36 AM
Sunken has said it well. Those points mentioned by him something important, atleast from my point of view.


12-26-2007, 22:51 PM
VPS is just a subpart of a dedicated. It offers more flexibility than the reseller but not as good as the dedicated. Although it is much cheaper.

12-30-2007, 10:43 AM
I used vps because is better than dedicated server. And i say use better vps :)

04-10-2008, 18:56 PM
i never heard it, well i got some information here...
can anyone tell me how much space is required....

04-11-2008, 06:46 AM
if your just starting on proxy industry well start in the small first and if your proxies are getting bigger and getting lots of users well go to dedicated.

- vps are much cheaper that dedicated
- dedicated is more good on performance

04-16-2008, 17:10 PM
Welcome to our VPS and Dedicated Server Showcase! The VPS solution is for the webmaster or small business who wants the control over their server enviorment without the need of the power of a fully dedicated solution. However, if you are looking for a dedicated hosting solution the companies listed below can also offer you your own server hosted in a great data center.

01-25-2014, 03:29 AM
Vps is good for start if you have less budget because vps is less costly than dedicated server

03-14-2018, 08:59 AM
Dedicated servers gives more freedom to the people with strong knowledge.
VPS servers gives more flexibility, if you need dynamically to resize your server. Also the price may be much better compared to the dedicated servers.

05-23-2018, 02:21 AM
Virtual private server hosting is one of several types of web hosting techniques. A Virtual Private Server is a great option for all small scale companies. It is one of the web hosting techniques that bridge the gap between a dedicated server and a shared hosting server.

Dedicated servers function exclusively for any given business and such resources are generally shared by multiple users. Deploy our managed dedicated server solution in your business and watch your website perform at its peak.

05-28-2018, 02:02 AM
A virtual private server is a virtual server that the user perceives as a dedicated/private server even though it is installed on a physical computer running multiple operating systems.
A dedicated server is exclusive and not shared with any other customer, service or application.

05-28-2018, 02:37 AM
If you can afford, a dedicated server is an awesome choice. VPS is a poor man's server. I agree that a lot of people by a VPS. The performance is always lesser than a dedicated.

05-29-2018, 02:07 AM
Virtual private servers are different from dedicated servers in that instead of running one hostingaccount on one computer/server, virtual privateservers share a single server. This may cause one to wonder what the difference is between a VPS solution and a shared web host