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Free Hosting Site w/Traffic, Premium Domain, $40!

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  • Free Hosting Site w/Traffic, Premium Domain, $40!

    Hello everyone,
    I am selling the domain that I have been using for my free hosting, selecthost.info.

    Domain: SelectHost.info is a great domain. It is only two keywords, both are very popular, especially 'host'. Could be used for hosting as well as a hosting search or directory. .Infos are becoming more popular. Hosting related domains are in high demand are there are few available domains.

    Traffic: SelectHost currently gets about 60 uniques a day, with about 200 pageviews/day. Most of the traffic is from tutorial directories that I submit some tutorials on the forum to and from free webspace forums that I post at. I also recive some traffic from the sites that I host. I have 19 pages indexed in MSN, 2 in Yahoo and 1 in google. So far, I have recived 7 hits from SE's.
    Traffic Stats

    Price: My asking price is $125, but I will consider all reasonable offers.

    Best Regards,
    SelectHost - Free cPanel w/Fantastico Hosting, Great Support!

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    Re: Free Hosting Site w/Traffic, Premium Domain, $40!

    thats a really nice site , shame i dont have 125$ at the moment




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