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Is Your Current Host Letting you Down? Try ArielHost FREE for one Month!

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  • Is Your Current Host Letting you Down? Try ArielHost FREE for one Month!

    Switch to ArielHost – the premier Internet Presence Provider!


    We’re a different kind of web hosting company. Even though we’re a high-technology company, we believe in old fashioned business values, such as providing personal support for our clients and offering more value for the money; in fact, compare our standard features to any other hosting company out there, and you’ll see the difference.

    Every Plan Includes:

    Unlimited Features:
    * Unlimited Add-on Domains (Host multiple domains on one plan)
    * Unlimited Sub-Domains
    * Unlimited Email Accounts
    * Unlimited Email Forwarders
    * Unlimited Mailing Lists
    * Unlimited Auto Responders
    * Unimited Vacation Messages
    * Unlimited mySQL Databases
    * Unlimited Domain Pointers
    * Unlimited FTP Accounts

    Other STANDARD Features:
    * Web Based Site Control Panel
    * Drag & Drop Site Creator Tool
    * Dedicated IP Address
    * Perl/CGI
    * PHP
    * Shell Access
    * Webalizer
    * Raw Error Files
    * Site Backup/Restore Utilities
    * FrontPage Extensions
    * Spam Filtering
    * Web Based Email
    * Raw Log Files
    * Web Based File Manager
    * Cron Jobs
    * Custom Error Pages
    * Apache Handlers
    * .htaccess
    * Directory Password Protection

    Included Scripts with 1-Click Installation:

    Blogs / CMS / Portals
    * b2evolution (blog)
    * Pivot (blog)
    * WordPress (blog)
    * Coranto (cms)
    * Drupal (cms)
    * Joomla (portal)
    * Mambo (portal)
    * PHP-Nuke (portal)
    * PostNuke (portal)
    * Xoops (portal)
    * Feed On Feeds (rss/blog)

    e-Commerce / Business
    * phpAdsNew (adverts)
    * CubeCart (e-comm)
    * osCommerce (e-comm)
    * phpCOIN (e-comm)
    * PHProjekt (e-comm)
    * phpShop (e-comm)
    * CS Live Help (support)
    * Help Center Live 2 (support)
    * SugarCRM (support)

    Communities / Newsletters
    * phpMyChat (chat)
    * phpBB (forum)
    * SMF (forum)
    * FXMB Forum (forum)
    * advGuestbook (guestbook)
    * MediaWiki (wiki)

    Files / Images / Lists
    * SiteBar (bookmarks)
    * phpMyFAQ (faqs)
    * Directory (files)
    * IP File Manager (files)
    * php File Manager (files)
    * Coppermine (gallery)
    * Gallery (gallery)
    * PHPLinks (links)
    * Advanced Poll (poll/survey)
    * phpESP (poll/survey)
    * Simple Poll (poll/survey)
    * Aardvark TS (statistics)
    * phpMyCounter (statistics)

    * CaLogic (calendar)
    * Flat Calendar (calendar)
    * WebCards (e-cards)
    * Contact Form (email)
    * PHPlist (email lists)
    * phpFormGen (forms)
    * sRecommender (recommend)
    * Search Engine (search)

    Personal Plans
    P200: 200 MB Space, 10 GB Transfer - $5/month
    P500: 500 MB Space, 15 GB Transfer - $7/month

    Business Plans
    B800: 800 MB Space, 25 GB Transfer - $9/month
    B1000: 1 GB Space, 50 GB Transfer - $13/month

    e-Commerce Plans
    C2000: 2 GB Space, 75 GB Transfer - $20/month
    C4000: 4 GB Space, 100 GB Transfer - $36/month

    We also offer full web design, PHP development, and SEO services.

    Special Offer for Forum Members
    We are so confident that our hosting service is better than ANY other available service at any price that we're offering a 100% off coupon for any one month hosting plan. This means you can simply sign up and try our service for absolutely NO CHARGE. If you are not totally satisfied, simply cancel your account.

    No other host in the industry is confident enough to make an offer this good!

    Use coupon code WHTOCTP99A.
    Offer Expires Oct 31st.

    Visit ArielHost today to sign up.

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    Re: Is Your Current Host Letting you Down? Try ArielHost FREE for one Month!

    Your better off going with a free host,trust me.




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