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    How to succeed? - Create a successful project.

    Where should you place a successful project? - Of course, on a perfect server!

    Hello! We are Perfect Quality Hosting ( and we offer to store your projects on perfect servers. For more than a year, we have been successfully growing, developing, improving and providing a reliable home for thousands of different projects.

    Where exactly will the projects be stored?

    At seven locations at your choice: Netherlands, Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Latvia, USA, Hong Kong. In each of these countries, we've chosen not just the best data centers, but the best of the best. However, to fully guarantee reliability in data centers, we use only racks and technical equipment, but all the "hardware" is completely ours from the world's leading manufacturers.

    What will the projects be stored on?

    Just on SSD and NVMe. We don't have another options. At your choice - super powerful dedicated servers or more economical VPS with flexible pricing system and KVM virtualization.

    How fast will the projects work?

    As fast as possible. Literally, instantly. And what about technical support, our specialist will respond to your request within 30 minutes on any day, at any time. Also, manu processes are automated, and it allows us to work faster: for example, your VPS will be ready to use in 15 minutes afret payment.

    How can I manage projects?

    We provide a huge choice of control panels and sofrware, depending on your needs. If you need a separate IP adress - we are members of the RIPE NCC with LIR status.

    Who is responsible for the security of your projects?

    First of all - we are. Even though our partners in data centers have the leading security systems installed, also our specialists additionally take care of all systems 24/7.

    Is it official?

    Of course. All software is licensed, and contracts are concluded in accordance with the laws of the country where the server is placed.

    How much does it cost and how can I pay for it?

    There are many ways to pay: from the most common Bank card to ******currencies. Choose the most convenient one on our site. The cost depends on the tariff, and we have a lot of them for any project. By the way, as for the cost...

    Our tariffs for VPS/VDS in 7 countries.

    Aluminium - vCore x1, 1 GB RAM ECC, 10 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Трафик ∞, Virtualization KVM. Price: 1€
    Argentum - vCore x2, 2 GB RAM ECC, 20 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Трафик ∞, Virtualization KVM. Price: 3€
    Ruthenium - vCore x2, 4 GB RAM ECC, 35 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Трафик ∞, Virtualization KVM. Price: 6€
    Iridium - vCore x4, 6 GB RAM ECC, 50 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Трафик ∞, Virtualization KVM. Price: 10€
    Palladium - vCore x4, 8 GB RAM ECC, 65 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Трафик ∞, Virtualization KVM. Price: 12€
    Osmium - vCore x6, 10 GB RAM ECC, 100 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Трафик ∞, Virtualization KVM. Price: 20€
    Aurum - vCore x8, 12 GB RAM ECC, 130 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Трафик ∞, Virtualization KVM. Price: 25€
    Platinum - vCore x10, 14 GB RAM ECC, 165 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Трафик ∞, Virtualization KVM. Price: 35€
    Rhodium - vCore x16, 16 GB RAM ECC, 180 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Трафик ∞, Virtualization KVM. Price: 45€

    We will not put too much strain on your eyes, please see the tariffs for dedicated servers on our website.

    And that's not all. If you order a VPS (starting from the third tariff and higher), you will get a licensed ISPManager control panel for free!

    Place your project on the perfect server – and we will do everything to make your project as successful as possible!

    Thanks for your attention!

    Best regards,

    your perfect team

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    You say – we do!


    All of us are often faced with baseless criticism, undeserved praises, unprofessional comments, spam, hidden advertising – and other text that is better just to ignore. Unfortunately, there are too many "empty words" on the Internet, and sometimes it is difficult to distinguish the truth from the lies.

    Therefore, we highly appreciate healthy criticism, useful comments and feedback. First of all – from our clients.

    And we ask you to give us feedback on the quality of our services, if you wish and if you can. What do you like, what do you dislike, what would you like to remove, improve, fix, add?

    Your comments will help us become better, and our service will be more comfortable for you.

    Please write your comments at: (

    We will carefully review each of them and will improve every day, as every modern business should.

    Thank you for your feedback!

    Our site:


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      There is a very powerful addition in the Russian DataCenter PQ.Hosting - The latest Intel processors, E2288G with a frequency of 5.0 GHz. In addition, all new machines have DDR4 ECC RAM and NVMe SSD drives.

      To top it all off, our Russian servers are under super reliable DDOS GUARD protection, in the DataPro data center, TIER III certification.

      We have created separate tariffs for all new servers that you will definitely like. Meet, connect, and enjoy the perfect hosting experience!

      Hi-CPU Aluminium [RU] - E2288G-vCore x1, 1 GB RAM DDR4 ECC, 15 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Traffic ∞, Virtualization KVM. Price 4€
      Hi-CPU Argentum [RU] - E2288G-vCore x2, 2 GB RAM DDR4 ECC, 40 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Traffic ∞, Virtualization KVM. Price10€
      Hi-CPU Ruthenium [RU] - E2288G-vCore x2, 4 GB RAM DDR4 ECC, 60 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Traffic ∞, Virtualization KVM. Price16€
      Hi-CPU Iridium [RU] - E2288G-vCore x4, 6 GB RAM DDR4 ECC, 80 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Traffic ∞, Virtualization KVM. Price22€
      Hi-CPU Palladium [RU] - E2288G-vCore x4, 8 GB RAM DDR4 ECC, 100 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Traffic ∞, Virtualization KVM. Price30€
      Hi-CPU Osmium [RU] - E2288G-vCore x6, 12 GB RAM DDR4 ECC, 150 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Traffic ∞, Virtualization KVM. Price45€
      Hi-CPU Aurum [RU] - E2288G-vCore x8, 16 GB RAM DDR4 ECC, 200 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Traffic ∞, Virtualization KVM. Price60€
      Hi-CPU Platinum [RU] - E2288G-vCore x8, 32 GB RAM DDR4 ECC, 300 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Traffic ∞, Virtualization KVM. Price100€
      Hi-CPU Rhodium [RU] - E2288G-vCore x8, 64 GB RAM DDR4 ECC, 450 GB NVMe, Port 1 Gbps, Traffic ∞, Virtualization KVM. Price200€

      There is a discount for all tariffs, if they are extended for 3-6-12 months.

      Our site:


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        Small, but good news.

        The price for the ISPManager panel on PQ.Hosting tariffs is reduced to 3 euros per month – enjoy using it and continue to follow our promotions, discounts and updates.

        And from Iridium tariff, panel is free for you!

        Have a nice day!

        Our site:


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          Payment has become even more convenient!

          Now you can pay for the perfect hosting services using payment cards from all over the world. This became possible thanks to the fact that we have enabled a payment aggregator
          This system works with 87 currencies and 15 languages of the world, which allows you to expand the geography of payment cards to more than 200 countries. Now you can make a payment by card in almost any country from all over the world. In addition, supports both credit and debit cards, as well as PayPal.
          We would like to remind you that we support many different payment systems for the maximum convenience of our customers. However, if the most convenient payment system is not on our list, please contact us. We will definitely consider implementing it.

          Our site:


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            New phone numbers.

            You don't have enough time to write to us? Call at any time! Especially for your convenience, we have expanded our number base to six countries in different parts of the world.
            So, wherever you are, it's even easier to contact us!
            Now you can talk to our specialist 24/7 by calling them in Israel, the United States, great Britain, Russia, Ukraine and Poland.

            +74996776677 RU
            +380443002811 UA
            +18045001115 USA
            +448082710500 GB
            +48226022228 PL
            +972772238881 Israel

            If you need to add your country to this list, please write to us and we will consider this option. Thank you in advance!



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