[UK] [US] DOUBLE EVERYTHING!! + 10% OFF ANY VPS! FREE DirectAdmin!! OpenVZ$5.40

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  • [UK] [US] DOUBLE EVERYTHING!! + 10% OFF ANY VPS! FREE DirectAdmin!! OpenVZ$5.40

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS from!Forever Hosting specializes in affordable OpenVZ/SolusVM VPS web hosting solutions. Order any VPS below and get 30% OFF for your first payment whether first 3 years or first month. Coupon works for all our VPS Packages! Coupon expires on 30th of December 2010 !

    At this time, we have several affordable Linux VPS solutions available. Set up times mostly dependent on anti-fraud check and current workload.
    Get you're Direct Admin FOR FREE! AND to get 10% off monthly! What you pay now is what you will pay as long as you have your server. This offer ends on December 30th 2010.
    Please use coupon code "10FOREVER" when ordering. All vps are semi managed unless you select otherwise. You can also create a custom vps and take advantage of this offer.
    Below you will find our current package offerings. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Sales Department.

    All VPS plans include:
    * 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
    * FTP Backup Space Available
    * SolusVM access
    * FREE OS Reloads
    * 2 IP Address
    * 100 Mbit port connectivity
    * FREE Reboots
    * Semi Managed
    * Manage your own Reverse DNS

    Budget VPS #1
    10 GB Storage (Free upgrade to 20 GB!)
    150 GB Data Transfer (Free upgrade to 275 GB!)
    512 MB Dedicated RAM (Free upgrade to 786 MB!)
    [ Order Now ]

    Budget VPS #2
    25 GB Storage (Free upgrade to 50 GB!)
    250 GB Data Transfer (Free upgrade to 300 GB!)
    512 MB Dedicated RAM (Free upgrade to 1024 MB!)
    [ Order Now ]

    Budget VPS #3
    50 GB Storage (Free upgrade to 100 GB!)
    500 GB Data Transfer (Free upgrade to 600 GB!)
    512 MB Dedicated RAM (Free upgrade to 1024 MB!)
    [ Order Now ]

    Budget VPS #4
    80 GB Storage (Free upgrade to 160 GB!)
    500 GB Data Transfer (Free upgrade to 600 GB!)
    1024 MB Dedicated RAM (Free upgrade to 2048 MB!)
    [ Order Now ]

    These plans are not listed on our website as standard plans as these are exclusively being offered now. You can check these special offers on our website on THIS PAGE.

    LIMITED TIME PROMOTION - Use coupon code 20OFFSALE to get 20% off monthly! + FREE Softaculous (DirectAdmin or Cpanel Only)
    Although our budget VPS are cheap, they are not tacky. We own our own premium hardware housed within a reputable, stable US datacenter.

    512MB dedicated RAM
    40GB storage
    450 GB Total Transfer
    SolusVM Included
    2 Clean IP Address
    $10.00/month (Only $8.00/month with coupon 20OFFSALE)
    Order Now!

    1024MB dedicated RAM
    65GB storage
    650 GB Total Transfer
    SolusVM Included
    2 Clean IP Address
    $15.00/month (Only $13.00/month with coupon 20OFFSALE)
    Order Now!

    1.5 GB dedicated RAM
    80GB storage
    850 GB Total Transfer
    SolusVM Included
    2 Clean IP Address
    $25.00/month (Only $23.00/month with coupon 20OFFSALE)
    Order Now!

    Available Control Panels:
    cPanel - $15/month
    DirectAdmin - $5/month
    Webmin - Free

    Choice of OS:
    CentOS 4/5
    Fedora Core 8/9/10
    Gentoo 2006/2008
    Ubuntu 8
    Debian 3.1/4/5
    Sackware 12

    IP Addresses:
    2 - Included FREE
    Each Additional - $1.00

    Add-Ons available for each package (prices shown are monthly):
    • RVskins: $5
    • ClientExec: $6
    • WHMCS: $13
    • Block of 10 GB disk space: $5
    • Prepurchased 50 GB bandwidth: $5
    • Prepurchased 100 GB bandwidth: $10
    • RAM: 128MB:$2.50/m
    • 256MB: $5/m
    • 512MB: $11/m
    • 1024MB: $17/m
    • Disk Space: $0.50/gig
    • Bandwidth: $0.50/gig

    (Q) Where are these VPS node located?
    (A) Scanton PA, Tampa FL or Manchester UK

    (Q) Do you have Test IP's?
    (A) UK:
    (B) US PA:

    (Q) How do i get the Free DirectAdmin?
    (A) If you would like the FREE copy of Directadmin you will need to add it to the order note’s and post the URL to this Ad!

    (Q) How long does it take to have my VPS setup?
    (A) -Server's are setup within 1-15 minutes. However due to DA licensing which has to be done manually it can take up to 1-4 hours for the control panel to actually be installed.

    (Q) Will you transfer my data from my current host?
    (A) Yes! We can provide transfer assistance Please open a ticket with support after your order with your current host login info.

    (Q) TUN/TAP Drivers
    (A) If you require TUN/TAP to be enabled on your VPS, simply drop us a support ticket. (OpenVZ Only)

    (Q) Payment Methods
    (A) We accept Credit/Debit cards (AlertPlay) and PayPal.

    Managed Services:
    We are staffed with knowledgeable level 3 technicians available for all your needs. Let us manage software installs and upgrades to free up your valuable time. We're available 24/7 to assist you with any server software installations (Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl, etc.) or help troubleshoot server issues that are problematic server-wide.

    Remote Backup Space:
    We perform daily backups of your VPS, but if you'd like to purchase your own remote backup space, you can do so at $10 for 20 GB. You will have 24/7 access to this remote backup space via FTP, SFTP, Rsync, and SCP. Easily setup Cpanel to write to this backup space each night!

    See More of our Hosting Packages here for more info.
    You can also contact us via Live Chat 24/7 at our Website or through via HelpDesk .

    We are always happy to assist and help customers, so feel free to get in touch with us!

    Best Regards,
    Forever Hosting Now offering OpenVZ/SolusVM VPS Hosting!! Affordable Hosting Solutions
    ~RESELLERS: Get Your Domain Reseller Acc. / ClientExec / WHMCS / SSL Acc.
    ~Shared | VPS | Reseller cPanel/WHM Master Reseller/Installatron/RVSkins/RVSiteBuilder
    ~Servers Hosted at EU/UK PA, LA

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