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  • What is over optimization?

    Over Optimization happens when your website is considered "too good" by Google - either in terms of a sudden volume of backlinks, or because of heavy on-page optimization. In other words, if Google considers that your website optimization is beyond acceptable limits , your website will be red-flagged and automatically restricted or penalized.
    There is a fine line between over optimization and spamming, and it is on this line that Google can appear to err. However, this is not a mistake by the search engine - in fact, Google calculates rankings by considering thousands and thousands of different factors - and a lot of importance is attached to average "trends" within the niche / keyword range that a website is optimizing for.
    The bottom line is that over optimization is non-spamming search engine optimization that is misread by Google as being beyond acceptable limits, thus leading to a penalty in search engine rankings.
    What criteria does Google use?

    To understand why Google can consider certain websites over-optimized, it is important to factor in the criteria that Google uses to rank websites.
    When fully indexing a website, Google does not just look at the optimization of the target website; it also compares the website with all the other websites that belong to the same niche / category / keyword range. Through this comparison, Google can then figure out the following:

    Is this website "way more" optimized than the current top ranking websites?
    In the past, have over-optimized websites been discovered as spam websites?
    What are the trends / acceptable limits for well-optimized websites in this niche/keyword range?
    Since Google is automated, it cannot do what we do - look at the webpage and determine if the purpose is spam or delivering truly useful information. Instead, the search engine uses historical trends to predict what the acceptable limits of over-optimization are, and how likely over-optimized websites are to be found out as spam.
    In other words, your website may be red flagged as being a potential spamming website even though your only fault might be that you were "perfect" in optimizing your website while your competition was left far behind.
    Google takes both on-page and off-page optimization into account when checking for over-optimization / spam, and as such it watches out for over-optimization in all ranking factors - your backlinks and your tag optimization (meta tags, title tags, header tags) being most important.
    A lot of what I am talking about becomes invalid if one tries any overt search engine spamming technique , such as stuffing your pages with keywords, white on white text (something I talked about in the first few lessons) or backlink spamming (building too many backlinks with the same anchor text in a short period of time.
    But it is also possible that you have followed advice and still have your website penalized for over-optimization. The real question then is:
    How can you avoid such penalties ?
    Avoiding the trap of over-optimization

    As I mentioned at the start of this lesson, search engine optimization can be boiled down to two simple steps:

    Getting it right and.
    Doing it better than everyone else .
    In the context of over-optimization and avoiding unnecessary penalties, this rings especially true. If you optimize your website within search engine guidelines and according to proven optimization practices, you have it right. While putting too little time on SEO is a serious mistake, the search for perfection within SEO is a time-wasting and fruitless effort. Too much focus on getting the page structure "just right" can divert attention away from the more mundane but equally more important tasks - such as adding more content or monetizing the website.
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    when you optimize website with lots of keyword than it's called over optimization.
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      i think over optimization is a black hat seo techniques
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        Search engines are very difficult to completely understand. In the world of SEO, over-optimization refers to the idea that your site has been heavily manipulated for search engines. Spamming on purpose can get any website banned whereas over-optimization only pulls down your search engine rankings.
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          Sure any activity and especially in SEO should be slow and wise, but not fanatic and without black hat methods. So over-optimization is rather smooth term, I mean that there are no clear and certain limits in it. The best limit is you and all your results depends on you only.


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            i don't think Google ever punishes a website for over optimization or heavy link building.
            optimization is never over ...its a regular process.
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              Originally posted by mithil View Post
              i don't think Google ever punishes a website for over optimization or heavy link building.
              optimization is never over ...its a regular process.
              Yes i agree. Optimization algorithms change in search engines and hence SEO companies have to apply new techniques time and again to keep up.
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                If you're doing something to increase search engine ranking other than writing good quality content, good internal link structure and proper tags then Google says you're over optimizing.
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                  wow...i just get it now...
                  i think i have to check at my site
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                    After Last Panda Update Google is very Strict about On page Optimization So be careful . Don't over stuff keywords . Also avoid any black hat Techniques . Now Google is too smart now.
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                      Is the moment when you try to use more keywords and stuff them on your content. Is the moment when you build more backlinks to a new website.
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                        Over-optimization is not good for SEO. Over-optimization penalty occurs when too many links to a site use the same or near-identical anchor text.
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                          The over optimization can be a result of either intentional over optimization or unintentionally. Thus, since you are not sure if you are over-optimizing your content, it would be better to use certain SEO tools/software that will show you whether you are overoptiming your content or not.
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                            thanks for info
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                              Too much of a good thing is a bad thing. This is true in life, and in SEO. SEO is awesome, but too much SEO can cause over-optimization. Search engine over-optimization is the practice of creating too many SEO improvements, to the point that the improvements begin to ruin the website's ability to rank.
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