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  • Zomex ~ WHMCS Services - Configuration, V6 integration, upgrades & more ~ Since 09

    WHMCS services

    We offer professional, reliable and affordable WHMCS services that meets the needs of your web hosting business. We've been providing these services successfully for over 5 years and have gained a reputation as one of the best providers. Our services include everything from basic installation and upgrades to setup and integration. Our service is of the highest quality and cannot be beaten as far as price and quality go.

    WHMCS Configuration Popular - this is the same as our own integration on Zomex.com

    Our WHMCS configuration service is the perfect base to start your web hosting reseller business. It includes the general configuration of WHMCS and the setup of 3 shared hosting plans of your choice which are fully automated.


    General Settings configuration
    Automation Settings configuration
    Payment Gateway Setup configuration (1 gateway)
    Products/Services configuration (Up to 3 shared hosting plans)
    Servers configuration (1 server)
    Support Departments configuration (Up to 4 departments)
    Database backup configuration (Very important)
    Cron job configuration

    Unlike our competition we provide 2 screenshots one of WHMCS and one of WHM showing a test account we create at the end of the setup to confirm automation is working.

    Note: this price is based on WHM using a reseller account, VPS or dedicated server it does not include the configuration of WHM plugins such as Zamfoo etc


    Learn more about our WHMCS Configuration

    Order now = ($35) Order WHMCS Configuration


    WHMCS Integration

    This service involves taking your existing website's (whether it's HTML, Wordpress, Joomla or just about any format) design (header, footer, fonts, content container) and integrating it with a client area WHMCS template. The end result is a WHMCS template which matches the look and feel of your existing website. A client area/checkout process that matches your website's design/branding is ***** as it increases the confidence of your customer's.

    We also provide 3 types of service based on the type of WHMCS template used as a base for your integration. Our six template is a responsive whmcs integration.


    Learn more about our WHMCS Integration

    Order now = (from $65) Order WHMCS Integration


    Enom Reseller Account Setup

    We will setup your Enom reseller account which will allow you to reseller domain names to your clients for a profit. If you don't already have a Enom reseller account we will provide you with one for free.


    Learn more about our WHMCS Enom setup

    Order now = ($15) Order WHMCS Enom setup


    WHMCS Installation

    We will install the latest version of WHMCS for you at the location of your choice (e.g domain.com/whmcs, whmcs.domain.com).


    Learn more about our WHMCS Installation

    Order now = ($12) Order WHMCS Installation


    WHMCS Upgrade

    This is a complete upgrade service. Not only will we upgrade your WHMCS to the latest version but also ensure that customizations you've made to the language files and custom templates you've created are protected. We also make a backup of your WHMCS database prior to the upgrade to ensure that if something goes wrong (very rare) your data is safe and can be restored.


    Learn more about our WHMCS Upgrade

    Order now = ($40) Order WHMCS Upgrade


    WHMCS Security

    Our WHMCS security service is a cost effective way to enhance the security of your WHMCS based website. We maintain the security of over 10 WHMCS installations and have been working with the software for over 5 years. We offer 2 security services to choose from.


    Learn more about our WHMCS Security

    Order now = (from $24.99) Order WHMCS Security


    WHMCS Templates - Complete Websites!

    Don't have a existing website? We provide a collection of exclusive and high quality responsive WHMCS templates which will allow you to kick-start your web hosting business properly and easily. Click the link below to view our full collection:

    View our WHMCS Themes





    "I needed someone to do it all; build my website, integrate it with WHMCS, configure my WHMCS and make it all automated. After looking around I came across Zomex. I looked no further and couldn't be more happy! Jack did exactly what I needed and in record time. My project was treated as though it was their very own. The service at Zomex is second to none. Look no further than Zomex for your next project. You WILL be satisfied!"

    Steven Ring - Captured Host
    "After a very meticulous search looking for somebody to integrate WHMCS with my template, i found Jack from Zomex.com in a hosting website review forum. I asked him about my ideas with my website integration and WHMCS setup, we agreed after we were on the same page about the job that had to be done and work on my site began just three days ago, to my surprise, it only took him three days to make a useless template a perfect work of art integration. Not only does Jack knows how to manipulate, tweak and setup WHMCS but also is the master in HTML and CCS rendering, From a logo to the last dot in my site footer, his work has been nothing but professional & completed to perfection. He never argued about any of my ideas but gave me very helpful advice and insides. He was also always eager to make them reality. If you are looking for the perfect integration and the best candidate to do it for you, look no further than Jack & zomex.com."

    Arnie - Centrix One Hosting

    "Thanks Jack for all your help with the Installation, Configuration and Integration of my WHMCS script. You did an absolutely fantastic Job despite some of the hurdles I encountered. I fully recommend Zomex for this service. The team started it friday and it was finished by the time I woke up on saturday! I was initially advised to use WHM Autopilot, but zomex convinced me to go with WHMCS and I have to say I'm glad I did! Will definitely use them again. Once again thanks for all your help."

    Isaac Jon-Vella - Online Websites Now

    "Jack's speed is really the gem in Zomex's services. If you work with Zomex, you can be sure your integration will proceed with unparalleled efficiency - and most importantly - without a single corner cut."

    Dante Alston - Yellow Fever Designs


    Lots more premium products/services from us

    WHMCS templates - Premium WHMCS templates for web hosting providers

    Wordpress themes - Premium Wordpress themes for web hosting providers

    HTML templates - Premium HTML5 templates for web hosting providers

    Blesta templates - Premium Blesta templates for web hosting providers

    Custom templates - Create a completely custom & unique website for your business with our pre-made bases

    Template addons - Now you have your premium template enhance it with our directory of template addons

    HTML email templates - Easy to install HTML email templates for WHMCS, AWeber & MailChimp.

    WHMCS services - We provide reliable WHMCS services including configuration, installation, integration, upgrades & more

    Wordpress services - We provide reliable Wordpress services including configuration, installation, integration & more

    Blesta services - We provide reliable Blesta services including configuration, installation, integration & more

    WHMCS modules - Easy to install WHMCS modules including our famous responsive invoice & quote

    Code & scripts - Our exclusive menus, feature boxes & more originally built for templategenie.com but now made available to all.

    Custom banner design - We've designed over 50 custom banners for web hosting companies and over online businesses.

    Custom logo design - A custom logo design service. All logos are designed from scratch and come in both vector and raster format.

    Mascot design - A custom & high quality mascot design service.

    Web design - A custom & high quality web design service.

    LiteSpeed web hosting - We've been providing reliable cPanel hosting for other 5 years

    WHM reseller hosting - Start your own hosting business with our reliable WHM/cPanel reseller hosting service.

    We specialise in web hosting reseller templates which includes a mix of responsive whmcs templates, blesta templates and rtl whmcs templates at various prices. We also provide a responsive whmcs integration service for your existing website. We also provide whmcs email templates, cheap whmcs templates for those starting up with a lower budget and whmcs addon modules to enhance your business. We've also created a website to compare reseller web hosting providers and list all of our WHMCS templates and services. We also specialise in HTML web hosting templates, Wordpress web hosting themes, custom web hosting templates and offer WHMCS coupons.


    We Look Forward To Hearing From You

    If you have any questions at all feel free to reply to this thread or contact our

    sales department at sales (at) zomex com
    or contact me personally at jack (at) zomex com

    Thank you for showing interest in our services and have a great day!

    Warm Regards

    Jack Curtis - CEO
    Zomex - Providing cPanel Hosting since 2009!
    Responsive WHMCS Templates for hosting providers
    WHMCS Modules | Webmaster Coupons | Decorative Gold

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