Hello guys, we have an ongoing thesis writing regarding “energy management”. And I was able to gather simple but effective ways to save energy.

To save water there are these things called valves or shut off at each faucet, usually under the sink. If you close them slightly, the water flow will decrease and hopefully nobody will notice. This simple method can save a lot of water especially if people tend to leave faucets running while doing other activities. Water levels in toilet tanks can also be adjusted. Water saving washers can also be installed on faucets.

As far as electricity goes, there are usually light switches located in rooms and on appliances that can be shut off when they are not in use. A simple sign saying to turn them off may work. Day lighting and reflection is your best option to save on lighting cost. Once people get used to natural lighting they may realize they don't need to have lights on.

Set computer's and monitor’s to shut down or go into energy savings mode. This is usually in the computers bios or settings and can be set for any amount of time from the last keystroke or mouse activity.

Given the examples above, my IT friend told me that there is a software or application that can be used to manage (home or work) energy. Do you have any idea about this? Hope you can help!