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  • Appraisal needed

    Whats your price on this?

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    Re: Appraisal needed

    Hummm..... sorry friend but your domain is useless you don't get reg fee for your this domain name. Yes it is truth.

    First of all there is no mining of your domain name and also you choose TLD .info

    Don't think I'm doing mistake in domain appraisal because lots of people email me for their domain appraisal on my email address.

    As soon as possible sell your domain name if anyone give you reg fee for your domain name then it's good for you.

    By the way best of luck with your domain name. Hope you will get even a reg fee for you domain name.



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      Re: Appraisal needed

      Hey markhanrry

      Thanks for your appraisal. One end user can make the difference. I have seen it happen many times.

      Now please explain on what basis your appraisal is. The words have OVT searches and it targets the real estate market. .info is not all that bad for these kind of markets. From a search engine traffic point of view it wont make much of a difference. BTW i am no way trying to convince you, just sharing my thoughts which applies not to just this domain.


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        Re: Appraisal needed

        I told you the truth and what's going on in domain market in domain market there is no value of .info domain names.

        And now you think what is mining of domain name. Don't go any appraisal tool because all are they sawing useless results. I have experience all my 4 latter domains price saw me $20,000 + but I know what is real price of my domains.

        Used Home means what? I'm everyday searching what is going on in domain market. And everyday I'm buying and selling domains. I have so what you think about this domain name. No body ready to give me even reg fee for this domain name and I this domain name domain name is better then you domain.

        But yes it's depend on you how you develop you this domain name in future.



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          Re: Appraisal needed

          Hey buddy, the real price is not what you think it is. It is the price which an end user or reseller is willing to pay you. I understand your reseller price on this one is probably less than reg fee which is fine with me. But when you say it will be the market price then some justification for your price is needed. Bluntly saying a domain name is worthless or worth a million dollar might not be of much help. Please give reasons especially when you put a market price.

          Used home means what? LOL. For your information, it can be a real estate website listing the used homes(second hand homes). And in this case .info tld matches with the domain name.

          1. Google - 1,910,000,000 for used home
          - 1,150,000,000 for used home info
          - 376,000 for "used home"
          2. OVT - 239 OVT for used home and more for additional words with used home (This is only yahoo search and google the big guy is out there) Each search for a real estate market is worth a lot.
          3. Yahoo - Gives almost the same results as google
          4. All the major tlds are taken. .net tld is booked till 2016. All these people are booking worthless domain names huh?

          Still you are going to say "used home" means nothing. Oh common buddy you must be kidding.

          Lastly your reason that "" has no takers and so all .info domains are worthless is hilarious. One reason can be you didnt find the right end user or reseller for yours and I dont see OVT results for this one, may be people are searching for "stock market" rather than "stocks market". Still an end user can make the difference.

          BTW I do appreciate you taking time to appraise this one.
          Last edited by skn191; 07-24-2007, 18:00 PM.


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            Re: Appraisal needed

            I think this is only worth reg fees as used home is not a common searched phrase. And .info extension makes it even worse.
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              You need to alter your domain name!!!
              Domain name must be unique but it should provide some information, so I recommend you to change the name, other wise specify your domain name
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                You need to alter your domain name!!!
                Domain name must be unique but it should provide some information, so I recommend you to change the name, other wise specify your domain name.

                And use such domain name which will give clear indication about website purpose
                Last edited by sankalppatil; 05-14-2018, 23:22 PM.
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