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    Domain age is a trust factor, and old domain consider more trustworthy compare to a newer one and at same time domain register period is also important as it is also a trust factor.
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      Domain age refers to the length of time that a website has been registered and active. Domain age conveys trust to website visitors and to the search engines.
      Two factors are considered in the age of a domain name. First, is the length of time that a domain has been registered. Second, is the age of the website in regards to how long that it has been active, or how long that it has had crawlable content on the web. The search engines factor domain age from the time that the website is first crawled by the search engines and when the first inbound link to the website is noticed.
      Domain age is important for SEO purposes because the age of a website is a search engine ranking factor. The search engines want to provide users with the best possible results. As a website ages over time, it becomes more trusted in the eyes of the search engines as long as it has quality content and a robust portfolio of relevant inbound links that have been established over time. An older domain age conveys longevity, whereas there is more uncertainty regarding what a new website can or will offer to visitors.
      While domain age does convey trust to the search engines, it is only one of many ranking factors and owners of new domains shouldn’t worry that their website will never be able to compete. It may take more time, but the focus is always on quality content and gaining relevant inbound links.
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        In simple terms, “Domain Age” refers to the amount of time during which a domain name has existed. It is how old a domain name is. So for example, if a domain name was registered in 2010, the domain age will be 10 years by 2020.


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          Domain age means "How old your Domain is". It stands for how long the domain has existed.
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            Let`s find out what domain age is. Simply saying it is about how old your domain is and when it was registered. For example, registered their domain in 1986. Therefore the website age is more than 30 years.


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              If your domain is five years old then it will be called domain age. As the domain becomes old, its value also increases.
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                The age of your domain is an important SEO factor that affects your Google ranking. The age of your domain - that is, how long it has been around - is one of the hundreds of ranking factors that Google considers when determining how to rank search engine results.


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                  Domain age is the age of domain — or how long that domain has existed since its creation. A domain created in 2000, for example, will be 10 years old in 2010 and 20 years old in 2020.


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                    Domain age is a metric that is often used to gauge the success of a website as it is an important factor that helps with determining the rank of a website. Domain age is basically the length of time the site has been registered and maintained.
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                      How can i find a domain age for my site?


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                        Originally posted by priyashisharma View Post
                        Hello friends,

                        What is Domain Age..?
                        Domain Age is something when the domain was purchased. Or how old your domain is ? To check the domain Age, there are many domain age checker tools.


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                          The age of your domain is an important SEO factor that affects your Google ranking.

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                            It is the age of a domain. Let's say my domain age is showing 10 years in domain age checking tools, which means it was registered and activated in 2013.. so now it has 10 years completed.


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