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  • Best PC game

    Discuss your favorite PC game or game series, you ever played.

    My favorite game series is Commandos.

    Other then Commandos, I like MOHAA series.

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    Re: Best PC game

    My game top list:
    Counter strike
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      Re: Best PC game

      The best PC game? i would have to say counter strike 1.6, i've been playing it for about 3 years or so, and it never gets boring, i used to play in a clan, but then, my comp messed up, so i didn't play for awhile.


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        Re: Best PC game

        The best PC game is counter strike. Its very famous among youngsters of our country.


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          Re: Best PC game

          There are so manny great pc games nowadays but i'd say these are my 5 favourites.

          NFS - Most Wanted (the better of the two by far)
          NFS - Carbon
          TestDrive Unlimited
          Command & Conquer Generals


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            Re: Best PC game

            My top 5:

            The Sims
            RCT any of them
            Diablo 2
            Ski Resort Extreme

            other than these, its hard to decide what would come next. I usually love build-it up games like Simcity and most of the Tycoons.


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              Re: Best PC game

              I don't actually play any games on the PC. In fact, haven't played any video games in about 1 year
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                Re: Best PC game

                My favorites would have to be CounterStrike, World of Warcraft, GunZ, or Silkroad Online. I love PC gaming lol.


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                  Re: Best PC game

                  Counter-Strike: Source goes all the way up !!! It's sweet, pretty much tension when playing online. Also i like some other MMORPGs, like Mu and Runescape (i know RS is lame, but...)

                  Sevenheartz>> I like GunZ too, maybe 1v1 sometime ?


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                    Re: Best PC game

                    Grand Theft Auto: SA
                    Metal Gear Solid
                    CS 1.6 (hate Source)
                    Unreal Tournament

                    Are some of my favs.


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                      Re: Best PC game

                      My favourite game even to this day is Red Alert 1

                      What a game, had endless hours of fun!

                      Second favourite was Worms


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                        Re: Best PC game

                        Hmmm... I think Counter strike-Medal of honour-Call of duty and NFS


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                          Re: Best PC game

                          The best PC game for me of all time is startcraft. I cant wait for startcraft 2 to show up since waiting for it way back in 1999 after playing brood war.
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                            Re: Best PC game

                            Full Throttle!! From way back in the day, I could play that game for hours! Most of you probably don't know about this game, but it was tight. Lucas arts made it in the mid 90s.

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                              Re: Best PC game

                              My best PC games are
                              1.Age Of Empires (all versions)
                              2.Cricket 97
                              3.Virtua Tennis


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