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    Do you like Buddhism?
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    Religion is not just smt for interest, it is the highest belief in each human. I choose Buddhism not because I prefer Buddhism rather than other religion, it's because I believe fully in Buddha and how I can be free in my soul.
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      Well, for what I understand about it, it looks fairly interesting if we all practiced it.
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        i like Buddhism much
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          Buddhism is a beautiful religion IMO - I'm not fond of conventional religions but Buddhism is pure and wholly good from what I know


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            A brief explanation here on what Buddhism actually is, Buddhism is a religion and dharma that encompasses a variety of traditions, beliefs and spiritual practices largely based on teachings attributed to the Buddha.
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              There are no mandatory beliefs in Buddhism, anything illogical, irrational or unreasonable can be discarded, and it is acknowledged that many things are symbolic - Buddha cannot save you - you have to save yourself by following that example of Buddha.

              It is well known that Buddhism explains suffering better than other religions, as well as how to overcome it, by having no attachment or aversion, and by realizing that all things are transient, insubstantial, and illusory. It has no religious war, no forced conversions, no witch burnings, and no executions of heretics.

              In Buddhism, evolution and science are compatible - they focus more on what to do now that you're here than indulging in metaphysical speculation about how you got here.

              In Buddhism, money & wealth are not seen as evil, but as tools - like fire - that can serve as tools for light, heat, cooking, and for burning people & things. According to Buddha, people should save at least 25% of their income.

              Buddhism does not enforce caste systems.

              Buddhism spread peacefully, without violence, and often by invitation, where it spread - culture, science, technology, literacy, and education all improved, as well as political & economic stability, as well as fewer wars.


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