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Causes of Brain Injury

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  • Causes of Brain Injury

    Hi all,

    What are the different causes of brain injury and how one can protect or recover it?


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    There are a so many reason of the brain injury such as car accidents and blows to the head as well as so many other causes of brain injury.
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      Brain injuries occur due to a wide range of internal and external factors like accidents or illnesses. There are many types of Brain injuries like Traumatic Brain injury, Physical Trauma, head injury or Acquired Brain injury. Actually, I have medical background. I am doing Pediatric Neurosurgery Fellowship at in USA from last year.


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        Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is caused by an external force -- such as a blow to the head -- that causes the brain to move inside the skull or damages the skull. This in turn damages the brain. Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) occurs at the cellular level. It is most often associated with pressure on the brain.


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          Hypertension causes brain injury.Sudden damage of vein at brain also causes brain injury.


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            [B]Traumatic brain injuries do not always include an open head wound or skull fracture. Loss of consciousness may not occur either. These are the most common causes for a traumatic brain injury (TBI): Motor vehicle accidents.


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                Common Causes for Brain Injury
                A brain injury is any injury to the brain that affects someone physically, emotionally or behaviorally. Brain accidents can happen at start or may also rise up later from trauma or an contamination. Depending at the purpose, a brain injury is referred to as either demanding or non-disturbing.

                Causes for Traumatic Brain Injury
                Traumatic brain injuries do not usually consist of an open head wound or cranium fracture. Loss of recognition might not arise both. These are the maximum not unusual causes for a worrying brain damage (TBI):

                Motor car injuries
                Violence or gunshot wound
                Military assault or bomb blast
                Causes for Non-Traumatic Brain Injury
                A non-demanding brain harm will also be known as an acquired mind harm or ABI. This kind of brain injury is a end result of an infection or situation within the body, and it is not a result of a blow to the pinnacle. These are the most not unusual causes of a non-demanding brain injury:

                Stroke (main motive)
                Lack of oxygen (hypoxia)
                Other illness consisting of cancer
                Brain infections or irritation
                Other infections


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