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  • Improving my dental health and smile?

    Hello Mates , I am a dental hygienist. You have a few things going on, but first off I want to congratulate you on taking charge of your health. The deep cleaning that you are having done is called scaling and root planing. That will remove the bacteria and buildup from below the gums so you can start getting healthier. Periodontal Disease and Cavities are both bacterial infections, it is important to get rid of the bacteria so it does not spread to other parts of the mouth. Since you are pregnant it is extremely important to get this stuff taken care of before the baby is born. Untreated periodontal disease can cause babies to be born early and with low birth weights. Untreated cavities allow the bacteria to fester and you can spread it to your baby when he/she is born. Most babies catch the bacteria that causes cavities from their mom even before they have teeth.

    The white spots on your teeth probably are areas that are demineralizing, an early stage of cavities. If you treat these spots with something like MI Paste now they can harden back up and not become full blown cavities.

    It is possible that your front tooth may be moving because of periodontal disease, if it has not always been this way, it is hard to say since I haven't looked at you personally. As far as cost I can't say. Every office is different and insurance makes it different too. Usually a dental office will give you an estimate for work to de done when they see you for your initial appointment.

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    Above & Beyond Dentistry working to improve standards of Dental health and smile ...
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      Improve your oral health and your smile at Welldent Family Dental Care and Microdentistry Centre.


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        By having a deep cleaning procedures you can get rid of the bacterium and the plaque buildup which will leave much more refreshed.


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          Choose the best of Cosmetic Dentist in Manchester to improve the look of your teeth. Teeth Whitening Manchester is a popular dental cosmetic treatment done to get bright, white teeth.
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            Maintain your dental health by brushing you teeth everyday, flossing removes plaque between teeth and out from under the gumlines, where a toothbrush can’t reach.


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