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  • Headache

    hi for the last two months i'M suffering from slight headache everyday,now something new adds on,my eye top hurts and my nose bridge,can you please help me there,i really need to get it fixed because i have an exam to write,i just need to know what is the cause and what can be use to fix it.thank you
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    Head pain that occurs on a regular basis, sometimes even daily, may indicate chronic headache. Some headaches are caused by:
    Stress, anxiety, and depression
    Being female
    Keeping an inconsistent schedule
    Not sleeping enough
    Skipping meals
    Eating unhealthy foods
    Dealing poorly with stress
    Not drinking enough water
    Not exercising
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      I think using aspirin medication is not at all suggested for head ache. Better it is using some simple techniques of acupressure with some drops of aroma oils to get rid of head ache. There are some pressure points in the head temple and a gentle massage on them will relief immediately.
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        Be careful not to take medications daily unless you’re told to by your doctor. Everyday use of even over-the-counter medications can be linked to Medication Overuse Syndrome, where a person takes medication they don’t actually need because they’re afraid of future headaches.This misuse can actually cause frequent, recurrent headaches called “rebound headaches”.


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          Though, healthy living might be answer to your problem but By far the most common type of headaches we see in our practice, migraines are the most frequent cause of disabling, recurring headaches.It is important to have a complete check up if you have recurring migraines. You might want to hit the pediatric neurosurgery( for ​Pediatric Neurosurgery Fellowship in usa) department of your nearest hosiptal or just check with your GP if the headaches are mild.


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