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  • Online stock trading?

    I know this might be a dumb question.. I have no knowledge in the stock market and would like to ask something.. My question is can you sell and buy shares online? Like is there a place online that is easy and fast when dealing with stocks? I heard you have to deal with a broker and can sell or buy shares by calling them and stuff.. So I was wondering if there was something online maybe?
    Sorry if this doesn't make any sense.. =(
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    Yes you can but it is easy to lose money if you don't have the expertise to see trends. There are people who know how to work their way around.
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      If you are not planned enough you will definitely loose money as Beginner's Luck doesn't sticks for long.
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        I know i am posting the answer after a long time, if you are still interested investing then you should buy trading account. For trading account you should hire stock broker company and buy the trading account and start trading with them.
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          Forex trading is great but we need to have ability too in order to work it out. I don’t think one should expect anyone to succeed without having the skills level. It is also important to have right broker since that too makes noticeable difference for all involved. I work with OctaFX which supports me in every way having small spreads, quick execution, over 70 instruments and even huge deposit bonus which is up to 50% and is useable too.


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            Stock/Forex trading are good businesses as it deals in real business which will not shut down. It is not like any Ponzi schemes. But at the same time quite risky too for which you need good skills and capital. It goes without saying you need good broker too as that is the only gateway to forex market. I was defrauded and cheated by IronFx which still seems online. So you need to be careful with brokers & even payment systems.


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              I don't like Stock trading.


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                When I started in Forex, I tried it all through various companies like but it was a really flop experiment, therefore, I switched back to Forex again and I don’t feel it is worthy to do Stock trading unless you are seriously good at it.


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                  Online stock trading is a model where you can enter your trades directly into your broker's system and let their computers buy and sell for you. This is a disintermediation of the traditional model of stockbrokers; there may not be another human involved. Log on to your broker's website or use their mobile app and you're off and running.

                  Trading stocks online have three specific characteristics:

                  You pay a discounted commission on all trades
                  Your brokerage gives you access to unfiltered research information
                  You are in charge of your trades, on your schedule

                  With the Internet pervasive in businesses and homes, and with mobile devices and applications giving you access to your online brokerage anywhere you have network access, buying and selling stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, funds, or whatever is easier and faster than ever.


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                    I'm sorry, I'm probably writing too late. But regarding the fact that buying likes and shares is real and fake nonsense.


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                      The main question faced by the future investor-trader is who can trade stocks over the Internet. The answer is one, and the trader needs a "broker" - a professional participant of the securities market, which provides access to the exchange for private investors.


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                        Originally posted by Drakus View Post
                        The main question faced by the future investor-trader is who can trade stocks over the Internet. The answer is one, and the trader needs a "broker" - a professional participant of the securities market, which provides access to the exchange for private investors. If you question how to trade on the stock exchange without a broker, you can read about it in article. A particular contract is signed with a broker. The broker gives you access to the stock exchange through a "trading program," either his own, in which case it's free or a third-party developer, in which case you will be charged for it. So I would first familiarize myself with how to read forex charts.
                        I am waiting for your opinion!


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                          The main question faced by the future investor-trader is who can trade stocks over the Internet.


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