Founded in 1947, ISO supports and promotes global industrial and commercial standards. The International Organization for Standardization is a worldwide organization responsible for establishing a variety of global quality management standards. It includes standards bodies representing different countries which designs and publishes a broad range of exclusive, industrial and commercial standards. ISO standards cover everything from healthcare to technology, manufacturing, safety and the environment. The ISO plays a significant role in facilitating world trade by establishing common standards among different countries.

IAF refers to the International Accreditation Forum.IAF is the world's most recognized association of accrediting bodies and is responsible for assessing compliance in different areas of quality management systems. An ISO certification issued by an accreditation body that is a member of the IAF is more valuable and recognized around the world. Even so, it is preferred by government authorities to meet the government's tendering criteria.

  1. Promotion of best practices- Though ISO and other standards, provide you with internationally recognized best practices within your organization. There are standards that cover everything from quality management to environmental performance, information safety, food safety, risk management, and health and safety.
  2. Assists you in becoming more productive - To comply with the standards, you must clearly define, document and monitor your operational processes.
  3. Makes all the customers happy- The standards help client satisfaction through improved complaint management, quality control and monitoring of client satisfaction.
  4. Improvement of revenues- Three out of five businesses that have embraced ISO have increased their revenues, according to a 2015 analysis of 92 studies.
  5. Creates opportunities for new markets-Standards open up new markets for your business. There are many internationally recognized standards that can enhance your credibility with customers in the global marketplace.
  6. Encourages team engagement-Adhering to ISO standards can help you support a more active and productive workforce. The certification process brings managers and employees together to work towards shared goals through consistent processes.
  1. Applicable for all sizes- Certification is beneficial to companies of all sizes, even those with only a few employees. Small companies sometimes get certified due to supply chain requirements or when they want to adopt best practices in their operation