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Interesting things of wifi surveillance cameras

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  • Interesting things of wifi surveillance cameras

    Interesting things of wifi surveillance cameras

    1. What is wifi camera?

    Wifi surveillance camera is a system of wifi surveillance cameras including electronic devices connected to each other to record images at the places where they need to be monitored and bring images to users by such devices as television, computer cell phone, mobile phone ... Through the internet. Help us manage more actively wherever we are, install full wifi camera including devices, wifi camera, dedicated ip recorder for wifi camera as well, hard drive for data storage camera, dedicated camera wifi source, power for video recorder, power cord to power camera, signal line to connect the wifi camera recorder and video recorder to save data, domain name to view Camera via remote network by phone iphone, ipad.

    Currently TMK CO., LTD has supplied all kinds in Binh Duong province. With many advantages that TMK brings to you.

    2. The detailed construction of the wifi surveillance camera includes any important devices

    At this article level, An Thanh Phat camera company introduces the important equipment of a wifi camera, so that customers can choose the purpose is the right and suitable choice for their project.
    What is the infrared surveillance camera of infrared and what type of infrared should be chosen to be the most effective.
    Wifi camera chip is the most important device in wifi camera, the camera's wifi definition depends much on the camera chip.
    Normally wifi camera has two main types: camera wifi dome and Body camera, camera spedom.
    Camera wifi dome is used in office, family company, with this camera model wifi is very delicate and beautiful, dome camera also has many different models.
    Above are the infrared infrared dome camera models used mainly for installation in offices, apartments and fashion shop shops .....
    For outdoor installation, warehouse, it is recommended to use infrared body camera.
    Click image for larger version

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    3. Introduce some cases using common wifi CCTV

    Indoor cameras, usually use wifi cameras with aesthetic credit such as infrared camera dome, usually the wifi dome cameras have beautiful models with low price, quality and HD resolution images.
    Normally, wifi camera is used for offices, private houses and apartments, the installation locations require high aesthetic, and the price is cheaper so it is appropriate to install this wifi camera.
    - Wifi surveillance camera Infrared body is often used for warehouse, outdoor installation, it can withstand rain, sun and dust, often used as body tube for outdoor installation.
    Projects with the location of installing wifi cameras in bad environmental conditions such as works under construction, street wifi CCTV cameras, wifi warehouse cameras, wifi warehouses and cameras use camera The body of the tube, though aesthetically, is not high but it is solid and has a higher durability.
    To take a closer look invite you to TMK.VN

    4. Learn the technology development of wifi surveillance cameras

    Understanding wifi camera technology also saves you costs and selects wifi cameras suitable for the project. that TMK camera company will introduce you in detail later.
    So why is it called wifi IP camera?
    Currently there are a number of wifi IP cameras with memory cards that help you store images without having to buy the recorder
    The normal IP wifi camera is built into a web interface to be able to access and manage based on a specific IP address via WAN, LAN or Internet. So you can absolutely watch the camera without the need for a video recorder.
    Learn about wifi camera technology you will see the effect on wifi camera system. However, at the present time, the technology is often used as, for large-scale projects, it is recommended to use wifi IP camera as the solution to upgrade the most effectively in the long term.


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