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    Quite elaborative with some deep insights
    I never knew the difference but from the way you've put it, I feel like a veteran in the field


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      I have never quite understood what it is
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        A type of web hosting in which a client has the exclusive use of an entire server.


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          A dedicated server is a type of remote server that is entirely dedicated to an individual, organization or application.
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            Consider a big CPU that serves only one purpose, that is empowering your website and your website only.

            That is, it is dedicated to serving just one website and not many like it is done in other forms of web hosting services like shared or vps or cloud hosting.

            Such a server is called a dedicated server.

            Dedicated servers are used only when the focus needs to be on one website since the resources needed by the website in the form of RAM, storage, bandwidth etc. are huge and cannot be otherwise accommodated by other web hosting services.

            An advantage of Dedicated server hosting is that you get unique IPs to operate and you have enough resources that you don’t need to scale always or in short intervals if your hosting requirements is more.

            A basic plan can help you with more than 400K unique visitors a month at least. Try looking at HostGator India’s dedicated servers if you can. They are a known and trusted brand apart from being a first grade web hosting company for dedicated servers.
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              A dedicated server is a machine where a single organization owns the operating system, hardware, and software. Because you own the server, you have full control over the configuration and features of the machine. Dedicated servers are typically more expensive than other hosting options. However, they offer far greater control, scalability, and performance than other hosting options. With a dedicated server, you have full control over the configuration and features of the host machine. Because dedicated servers are completely managed and maintained by the service provider, you will have peace of mind knowing that your server is fully supported by a professional team 24/7.
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