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Wix and WordPress - Which one is better? (Advantages and disadvantages)

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  • Wix and WordPress - Which one is better? (Advantages and disadvantages)

    If this is your first time hearing the name Wix or WordPress.

    I will explain it to you, about these two popular website creation platforms.

    In Vietnam, people seem to use Wix less so I will introduce briefly to you.

    What is Wix?
    Wix is ​​one of the website building platforms, used by more than 100 million users across 190 countries.

    It helps you create a website easily in just a few minutes.

    What is special is that you will not need to worry about technical issues, everything is handled by Wix (You only need to pay)

    All operations will be performed on the browser. You will not need to install hosting, database ...

    Moreover, you just need to drag and drop, to build the website yourself. Similar to the page builder.

    What is WordPress?
    There is no need to introduce much about this platform anymore.

    It is the most famous CMS in the world. Occupying more than 30% of websites in the top 10 million websites in the world.

    Powerful and flexible is the word to describe WordPress.

    You will do everything with WP with a fairly cheap cost and unlimited customization capabilities.

    I explained in detail what WordPress is in this post, do not ignore it

    1. Price and cost
    The cost of building a website is an important factor when you consider to choose the right platform.

    The cost of designing and programming your website will completely depend on your needs.

    We will compare the prices of Wix and WordPress to choose the platform that suits your needs and budget.

    With Wix create website completely free. However, it has two main drawbacks to it.

    First of all, Wix-branded ads will appear at the top and bottom of your website.

    Second, you cannot use your own domain name for your site, so your website address will be: username.wix.com/sitename

    In addition, the basic package will not provide the necessary add-ons like Google Analytics, Favicons, E-Commerce, etc. To delete ads and receive additional features, you will have to upgrade to one of the premium packages it offers

    Each premium package of Wix has different hosting and bandwidth limits. You can pay monthly or choose an annual package.
    Open source WordPress is free for anyone to use. So why is WordPress free and what does it require?

    With WordPress you need to have your own domain and hosting. There are several WordPress hosting providers that should choose. See our guide on how to choose the best WordPress hosting hosting.

    Depending on the budget, use basic hosting package with WordPress hosting service provider like HawkHost for $ 2.99 / month (if you pay 24 months)

    If your budget allows you to use Vultr's VPS for only $ 5 / month, I am using this package and found it quite okay.

    The cost to create WordPress websites will increase if you use premium WordPress plugins and themes.

    However, there are many free plugins and themes that can be used to reduce costs.

    You can easily add any features to WordPress, without upgrading your hosting package.

    WordPress beat Wix in comparison of this cost, it has a variety of hosting packages from many different supply companies. The cost depends on the resources you need to use and is free to use your WordPress website in any way you want.

    2. Easy to use
    Most beginners don't want to spend too much time learning new skills. Both Wix and WordPress allow you to create web pages without code.

    Wix has tools for building effective and easy-to-use websites. It provides a simple drag-and-drop interface that you can select any element in your website and edit it in the WYSIWYG interface.
    You can drag and drop components anywhere on your website, rearrange everything on your page, write content and add media. Many beginners will find this feature great because they don't need to code.

    WordPress comes with visual editor to write content and customize themes that allow you to edit theme properties in the WYSIWYG environment. However, by default, there is no Page Buider drag and drop available for WordPress.
    To gain full control over the interface, users will have to become familiar with the various sections such as navigation menus, customizer, visual post editor, etc. This means that WordPress requires beginners to have some knowledge.

    On the other hand, there are thousands of customizable themes that are easy.

    In this respect, Wix clearly prevails. Users do not need to spend a lot of time to learn the platform or install any plugins before they start building websites.

    On the other hand, with WordPress, users need to understand the basics of WordPress and may need to install plugins to build websites.

    However, you can use other powerful WordPress page builders like BeaverBuilder, Elementor, WPBarkery. They are faster, and more diverse than Wix. hill climb racing
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    Used Both Platforms but finally choosing Right one what fit to me. Thatís WordPress! I know Wix is one of the easiest and most popular website builders. in flexibility WordPress is the best choice.

    As sources, 27% of the web users using WordPress platform. even personal, news etc site. it had over 45,000 plugins and tons of free and paid themes for all type of sites. mainly its s also available in some of Indian languages also. Most popular site used this. like the herald sun etc.

    Hope this answer gives you some insights





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