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What is HTML?

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  • What is HTML?

    HTML, or HyperText Markup Language, is a Universal language which allows an individual using special code to create web pages to be viewed on the Internet.

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    I have some experience with HTML and I can say that for basic programming it can be one of the beneficial development language.


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      HTML is fundamental. xHTML is a cleaner version. While xml is strict with implementing codes.
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        HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language..HTML is markup language not a programming language. HTML coding is the base of web designing. HTML is really easy. HTML has a different types of tags...
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          HTML Stands for Hypertext Markup Language. HTML is not a programming language, it is the scripting language. HTML is really easy to use...HTML has different types of tags...


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            HTML is extremely supple. It's interactive with CSS and JavaScript and some Applets. It's also worldwide and can be simply educated. As far as programming languages, they typically are select to a certain area where as HTML is adaptable to morph into XML
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              This was just a small intro.. You should learn more about HTML. History is not so important, you should learn how to use it.
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                HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language.HTML is not a programming or scripting language it is a markup language. HTML coding is the foundation of web designing. HTML is actually easy.
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                  Hypertext markup language, i.e. HTML, is not a programming language but it’s a markup language. It’s very easy, and for web designing, HTML coding is preferred.
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                    HTML is a simple markup language which is used for designing static web pages.This markup language use code snippets to build elements of the page, such as lists and paragraphs,so that any web browser can read the code and display the web page.
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                      HTML bases for Hypertext Markup Language. HTML is not a scheduling language, it is the composing language. HTML is actually easily to use.
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                        HTML is basic of web site designing.


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                          HTML is a programming language through which you can write your content to the web. This language is quite easy to learn and it's powerful in terms of whatever you create.
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                            HTML is a markup language that does not hold to any pattern and allows the person viewing the world web page anywhere they go and anytime they want.
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                              HTML is used for developing web page.
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