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Which is better, manual or automated testing?

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  • Which is better, manual or automated testing?

    Which is better, manual or automated testing?

  • #2
    Testing wrt security?
    - then manual testing is most effective. Again it depends on skill set
    You can always start with automated testing, with dev team, and fix simple issues.
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      Both has ups and downs. But Automation is better in such case where we want to do the same task again and again then automation comes in handy but it doesn't mean that automation is better than manual as some times manual testing is much more effective than automation. Its just tie and depends on task
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        I my point of view Automation is not better than manual testing.
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          Automated Testing is done by tools and scripts but, Manual Testing is done by testers. Adding automated testing can help you improve your testing efficiency — and test faster. Manual testing is great when a person’s judgment is required. Automated testing excels in repetitive testing, such as regression testing. Manual testing is usually better with dynamic conditions. And automated testing is good for verifiable results. When you understand what you are testing and the expected results, then which to choose will become clear.
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          • #6
            Both manual and automated testing offer benefits and disadvantages.In manual testing, test cases are executed manually without any support from tools or scripts. But with automated testing, test cases are executed with the assistance of tools, scripts, and software.


            • #7
              This totally depends upon the requirements you do have and the purpose you want to achieve by performing testing. There are specific scenarios where automation testing is a boon like:
              • When the same test case is to be repeated
              • When the test cases are very tedious and can not be performed manually
              • If you have to run the test cases with different data and conditions several times
              • When the same test cases are to be executed with different user sets
              • Saving time is on your top priority
              • When test cases need to be executed with various browsers and environments

              , in some cases, it doesn’t work and you have to anyhow go for manual testing.
              • If the test cases have to be run a small number of times then manual testing is more likely to be performed.
              • The more time the tester spends on testing, the more is the chances of finding bugs because no machine or tool can match the power of human brain and experience.
              • It allows the tester to do more ad-hoc testing.
              • Trainers are required to give training on automation tools but manual testing can be done by any tester.
              • Proficiency is required to write a script for automation tools but in manual the testing nothing of this sort is required.
              • GUI testing can be done accurately with the help of manual testing as visual accessibility and preferences are difficult to automate.
              • Automation testing cannot replace human intuitions, inferences, and reasoning.
              • Automation testing cannot be stopped in between, in case any analysis required.
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              • #8
                Automation Testing uses automation tools to execute test cases. Inmanual testing, test cases are executed by a human tester and software. Automated testing is significantly faster than amanualapproach. Manual testing is not as accurate because of the possibility of the human errors


                • #9
                  Both are better in some cases. Sometime automatic testing is better if we considered it in repeated way. But manual testing is also better in some cases. I can go for manual testing.
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                  • #10
                    Yes, Guys both(Manual and automated testing) are good, it depends of how we are using but according to my experience manual testing best.


                    • #11
                      Manual Testing is better than automated testing. Even when automating a test scenario, you have to manually test it at least once anyway to automate it, so automated testing can’t be done without manual testing. And you have to manually check the automated test results also.

                      Automated tests can stop working by something as simple as an unexpected pop-up dialog which can be quickly analyzed and dismissed when manually testing.