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What programs I need for web design?

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  • What programs I need for web design?

    Hi friends
    I am looking for a career change. I want to stay home and build professional websites so that I can have more time with my family (2.5 hours a day of drive time eliminated). I am an accountant with Access programming skills but my website building experience is basically Office Live. I want to do this right but have limited funds to start. Here is what sort of guidance I could use: What programs do I need to buy for starters?

    PhotoShop? Dreamweaver? I think I need to learn html from scratch for starters but if I need any of the above mentioned programs, I am a little confused about all of the packaged options that Adobe offers. I did notice that I have PhotoShop Elements installed on my computer.

    My long range goal is to build professional websites from scratch for Mom and Pop "work at home" families via word of mouth while building my own content sites to generate adSense revenue. I only have about $200 total that I can spend today. I am on unemployment for now and I want to see what I can accomplish right away on my limited budget while I have a little free time on my hands. I expect that I will be employed in a few weeks so I want to make my little budget and my little unemployment stint work hard for me. All constructive comments are greatly encouraged and appreciated.

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