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    Working on communication by Florie Lyn Masarate


    Printed materials as a means of communication has become something of a trend, or more like, a necessity. Everything that can be put in writing, has been put into writing. Every word that can be printed has been printed. Even feelings and emotions. This made the way for the creation and evolution of greeting cards.

    The tradition of giving and receiving greeting cards dates way back in the 15th century. Without the advantage of modern inventions and technologies, they were hand-delivered to the respective bearers. These practice reached its peak in the 19th century, the time it began its popularity. At this time, more and more people started making cards by hand, that eventually lead to companies having to mass produce these cards to keep up with the demand.

    In the 1800ís these cards were decorated with laces and ribbons, most especially in England. By the middle of the same century, these cards began to be made in factories built for that purpose. And by the end of the century, they were being made using machines. Pop-up cards were introduced and other things that people could think of that can be made and put in cards.

    Greeting cards continued its popularity up to the modern age, with newer and more styles being created and developed. Mass production of these cards was needed to be able to cope up with the demand as these cards were being sent not only given occasions. Creativity in greeting cards has also become a trend and a challenge for printing companies. Styles are developed to better enhance interest and boost their product.

    With the graphic design and digital age, personalized greeting cards came into the market. This technique made greeting cards even more intimate and unique. People can create their own prints according to styles they want to put themselves. From images to digitally enhanced photos to three dimensional animations. Companies are known to want seasonal greeting cards in bulks to send to their employees.

    Popularity of greeting cards in the masses puts printing companies in a delicate position. Concepts and ideas needed to be thought of and put into prints and designs to keep up with the needs of people. Having online availability is the closest thing is convenience made possible.

    Greeting cards are just ways of showing emotions that people do not get to show. Saying the right words is different for some. These cards are the tools they use to express themselves. Even the simplest could mean a lot. | | <a href=""><img src="" border="1" width="100" alt="Free Webtools for all" /></a> | <a href=""><img src="" border="1" width="100" alt="Index Rated Directory - Rating Quality Sites" /></a>

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