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  • lededge
    started a topic Are LED light Bulbs Waterproof?

    Are LED light Bulbs Waterproof?

    A bulb’s Ingress Protection (IP) rating will tell you if it’s suitable for wet environments. The IP rating is a two-digit number: the first digit indicates how protected the light is against the ingress of solid objects, while the second tells you how waterproof it is. The higher the numbers, the more...
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  • Are LED Bulbs Dimmer than Traditional bulbs?

    No. LED light bulbs use a lot less energy than incandescent bulbs, but are just as bright. When shopping for LED bulbs, remember that the wattage doesn’t denote its brightness. A 5W LED bulb is as bright as a 50W incandescent bulb. The lumens (lm) rating of a light bulb is instead the best indicator...
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  • Are there subsidies available for switching to LED lights?

    Yes, Business in New South Wales is still eligible to receive incentives for converting to LED lighting.LED Edge Energy is happy to handle this paperwork for you complimentary with purchase of our lighting.Call LED Edge Energy today to discuss about rebates and how these can reduce the cost of switching...
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  • Why are LED lights more expensive than incandescent bulbs?

    LED lights are electronic devices, much like a computer or an iPad. Even in the past 7 years, LED light prices have dropped by as much as 85%. While they may be initially more expensive than an incandescent bulb, this cost is more than offset in energy and maintenance savings.

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  • lededge
    started a topic Are LED Lights Dangerous?

    Are LED Lights Dangerous?

    Unlike fluorescent lights, LED lights do not contain mercury. They are manufactured without the use of hazardous materials and are in fact recyclable. LED lights also produce much less heat than incandescent lights and are safe to handle, even when they’ve been left on for a significant length of t...
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  • Looking for Unique LED Lighting Solutions?

    LED Edge Energy provides lighting solutions that meet our client's unique needs - while reducing the impact on our planet's resources.
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  • what are the benefits of led lighting technology?

    LED Lighting is the present and future of Lighting Technology which has the greatest impact on saving energy. Benefits of using led lighting are

    3.Long lasting
    4.Easy Installation
    5.Energy Efficient
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  • infinitytech
    started a topic Lighting for your home

    Lighting for your home

    Contribute to this subforum.

    If your home is under decoration or you want to make your home more special, warm, or something else, lighting is a ***** factor.

    We are lights2you, an operated online retail company, including LED lighting, ceiling fan, crystal...
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