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    Default What country should my server be in?

    Im thinking of creating quite huge project and i would like to ask where i should rent my server? The project will be international so i cant tell you where most of the traffic will come from.

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    Why not use the USA. You'll be there, where most of the servers are and you'll server will be under USA laws. It's quite a good idea atleast I think so. You could use also Britain, but it would be propably not so good idea, as prices in Britain are more expensive than USA.

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    well all it's depends on you. If you were looking for the cost effectiveness then go with the India. If, not go with the USA. As you can get good servce as well as efficiency.

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    USA will be good Location for hosting your server there you will get reliable speed and good uptime

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    Thanks experts for sharing the information.

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    How about purchasing a dedicated server from Europe? I've purchased a server from BGOcloud (the servers are located in Bulgaria). The dedicated server is really affordable and the speed is great (My site has visitors from the USA, Russia, Indonesia, France, etc.)

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    Thanks for sharing this..

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    Thanks for your valuable info!

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    Nowadays a lot of good hosting on different locations. You need to know location and budget to choose the best server.

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