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    Quote Originally Posted by andrew69 View Post
    I have 3 words for you to make money using AdSense or any internet marketing....Traffic , Traffic, Traffic!!!
    100% agreed!

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    money blog' is awesome way to make money online with blog

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    Quote Originally Posted by cpvr View Post
    It's possible, yes, but it would take a long time to do so.
    Affiliate marketing is far more better than adsense if done right it takes few month to earn full time income with it.

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    Make a blog with quality content.

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    Possible, and many do the way. But to make a living off adsense, it needs lots of traffic more than you ever guessed.

    It depends on what niche or keywords containing for your site since it affects CPC rates a whole lot, but let me try my best speaking just generally:

    to make $30 a month from google adsense, it needs about 100 daily visitors. 3,000 monthly unique visitors.

    To make $3,000 a month, it needs at least 10,000 visitors a day, 300,000 a month which is kinda really tough and long time sacrificed to invest.

    Many digital marketing experts claim that Google adsense is not making you rich in consideration with how extremely large volume of traffic is needed to make it.

    Rather, you can make better money and better monetization with direct ad space selling on your site or creating your own products and sell them on the site (digital products or services, any type you can create to monetize) They can make a lot more money than adsense just with the same amount of traffic in comparison.

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