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    Default Money Blog Experiment: Living off Adsense?

    Money Blog Experiment: Living off Adsense?
    Check this out and let me know what you think:

    This is from where I found the link on Museum of Hoaxs:

    "The Blog Experimenter, as he calls himself, is a "30-something guy living in the midwest United States." His experiment is to create a blog, put Google Ads on it, and see how much money he can make off the venture. Except he's really created two blogs. The first one is 'the money blog', which is the blog that is the subject of the experiment. The second is the 'blog money experiment', on which he chronicles his efforts to make money with the google-ad-driven 'money blog'. He doesn't tell you what the url of the money blog is, or what subject it covers. And from what he says, it doesn't appear to be attracting much of a following. His 'blog money experiment' blog, on the other hand, is attracting a big readership. So the question is: is there really a 'money blog', or is the 'blog money experiment' blog really the 'money blog'? (and how often can I fit the word 'blog' in a sentence?) I suspect that even if he does have a google-ad site somewhere, he knew from the start that the blog about creating a money-making blog would be the real attention-getter. So his plan is to slowly monetize the 'blog money experiment' blog. And sure enough, he has recently introduced Amazon affiliate links to it."
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    Default Re: Money Blog Experiment: Living off Adsense?

    It's possible, yes, but it would take a long time to do so.

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    Default Re: Money Blog Experiment: Living off Adsense?

    ahh the joys of free market capitalism.... whatever he really is doing it sounds like he's found a nice little niche to make some bucks.

    I suspect however that there is only one blog since he doesn't really need to waste his time creating a second "unknown" blog.
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    if you have the traffic its not an issue living off adsense

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    I have 3 words for you to make money using AdSense or any internet marketing....Traffic , Traffic, Traffic!!!

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    There is only one blog since he doesn't really need to waste his time
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    A friend of mine has been building adsense websites for a couple of years and he has quit his job because he now lives off of his adsense earnings. It supports his wife and three kids. It can be done but, you have to do your home work and be consistent.

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    Nothing is easy their is always hard work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cocktail1 View Post
    There is only one blog since he doesn't really need to waste his time
    That's right, focus on one thing at a time is better than many things at the same time.

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