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    Default Dedicated or VPS the cheapest?

    Is a dedicated server or VPS the lightest on my wallet. If so, what is the average price price differences between a dedicated and VPS server.

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    I would go for vps if you are on a tight budget. Normally, dedicated servers are more expensive. Depending on your needs, a vps should work fine for you unless you need something more powerful.
    The New York NOC Inc.
    Dedicated Servers / Colocation / VPS

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    All depends how much would you pay for that host.
    VPS is cheaper, but Dedicated Server is better.
    It's your choice!

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    Prices on VPS and dedis differ from company to company.
    If you are interested in the cheapst ones I can offer you to have a look at Their prices are the cheapest I have even seen.

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    If you don't need to run something powerful on your server you can go for a VPS. But if you need more, try a dedicated server. Good luck with any!

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    A VPS would definitely be lighter on the wallet, but not always ideal if you're considering running intensive processes.

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    A low-end server from will cost you around $60/mo.

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    vps cheapest

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    A high-end vps will be more expensive than a low-end dedicated server, it's all about the amount of resources you need: disk space, bandwidth, CPU.
    Say offers high-end vps and dedicated deals for mission-critical web sites, while you can get cheaper vps deals with

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    Semi-dedi can be a good option as well.

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